One Day Past

I am one day past my due date and still pregnant, meaning I’m now in the ultimate death-zone countdown.  Seriously, up until your due date everyone is very laid back about a normal, low-risk pregnancy.  Once the due date passes, though, it’s suddenly a very intense situation.  I am one day past my due date, and because of it I had to undergo a non-stress test for the fetus and an ultrasound to measure how much amniotic fluid I have in my uterus.  It’s such a weird situation that I find it hard to describe; for months now I’ve felt more vulnerable, exposed, and discussed while my midwife was really unconcerned (I mean, I had nothing medically to concern her), but literally OVERNIGHT I’ve become like a time bomb.  I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that makes sense unless you’re in that place, but trust me – it’s weird.

So, update:  Julia is fine, had over double the amount of fluid that is normal for post-term babies, and did very well on her non-stress test.  She has definitely dropped, which is awesome because Hazel was not even close to Julia’s position at the comparable time in that pregnancy.  I’m just waiting it out until next week.  If I make it to that appointment we have to do the non-stress test and ultrasound for amniotic fluid AGAIN, and my midwife will at that point also strip my membranes in hopes of bringing on labor.  That’s the plan, anyway; I am going to research that a bit more before I go in next week, but I hope we don’t get to that point.

So, we wait.  And I waddle around.  And anytime I make a noise while not in Amos’s line-of-sight, he hollers, “Are you OK?!”  and I reply, “UGH yes!”  It’s a fun game 😉


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