Four Days Old

Photographing a newborn is quite a bit harder than I thought, especially when it’s your own child.

This morning we were having a little quiet time, so I thought I would drag out my photo stuff and take some nicer portraits of Julia.  That only means setting up a background and putting together my nice, big, SLR that I never get to use these days.  SUPER fun sounding!  But the reality was a little harder.  Bending over, getting Julia all naked and ready, and trying to comfort her and get in nice angles strained all those muscles that are very sore from pushing.  I didn’t try for very long because my back hurt so badly and she was just crying, but I did get just a couple that I like well enough.




One thought on “Four Days Old

  1. Laura, she is beautiful! You and Amos did awesome!!! Now you have 2 awesome daughters!! I love you so very much and I am proud and honored to know a woman like you!!! MUAH!!!

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