Portraits of Julia

I have tried again to take portraits of Julia, and I think this time we had better success.  She was very relaxed and bright-eyed, and I am happy with the results!  To me this pictures are more personal than the ones you usually see of babies this small; big, goofy hats and cute, printed backgrounds might be fun, but I think they distract from the actual baby’s features and personality.  I don’t even like staying in color; she’s a tiny newborn whose color is still quite red, and that takes away from her expressions, which is why these are mostly in black and white.  I can’t decide which one I’m going to print and hang up on our wall!



2 thoughts on “Portraits of Julia

  1. i adore the bottom left picture. she looks so old and worldly (must be a lil’ pisces influence, eh?) … and i usually feel like pictures of babies are all “oh, how cute, this is my drool face.”

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