Video – Hazel reads to Julia

I took this sweet video of Hazel reading to Julia (kind of) earlier this evening.  It was so adorable ❤

This was before Hazel’s epic meltdown at my mom’s, and before I barely hung on to my sanity as I shoved a screaming, kicking toddler in the backseat beside a somehow peacefully, dead asleep newborn.  Luckily Hazel’s behavior had more to do with sleepiness than it did with any kind of sibling jealousy; Hazel’s been fighting her naps at daycare recently, and she kept saying that she was tired instead of apologizing for something small she did (it escalated from the not-apologizing to warfare).  I know it’s only been two weeks, but I feel like Hazel is adjusting to Julia’s presence very well.  Most of the time she treats Julia like you can see in the video; she’s attentive, sweet, wants to read to her and give her toys.  Those of you in the know will see that Julia is draped in Hazel’s two prize possessions, the only two things we swore she wouldn’t have to share – Corduroy and her pink blanket.  My thoughtful firstborn insisted on covering Julia by herself, thank you very much, and was reading her book about being a big sister to Julia when I thought to get the camera.  I’m really proud of how she’s been handling the baby.  Even when we do something boring like change her diaper Hazel wants to be there and at least watch what’s going on.  It’s really adorable and makes us (Amos and I) really happy.


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