Life with this Newborn

Does Julia still qualify as a newborn?  She’ll be four weeks old on Monday, and I just cannot believe it.  Although this go-round has been much sleepier, calmer, and cleaner than it was with Hazel, I still find myself having my morning coffee in the shower and my breakfast at 11 AM, one-handed, while Julia nurses.  We have all been figuring out how to fit this new, needy baby into our lives, and it’s been pretty easy – way easier than I anticipated, for a couple of reasons.

First, Julia is an awesome baby.  I don’t know if it’s her personality or my calm demeanor (way calmer than with Hazel) or both, but Julia just isn’t a difficult baby.  She’s predictable, for starters.  From day one, it seems, she has followed a schedule.  That girl eats, then chills out until she has a dirty diaper about 30 minutes later, then she chills out or sleeps until it’s time to eat again.  At night, we nurse around 10 or 10:30, and then she sleeps until about 3:30 when we change diaper/nurse again, and then she sleeps again until about 6:30.  That is not too shabby for a teeny baby, dudes.  Just recently I’ve started to lay her down for her daily longer sleep, as opposed to wearing her in the sling, and she doesn’t have to cry it out for long at all before she just lets herself sleep.  I thought I was lucky with Hazel, as far as baby behavior went, but I think we hit the jackpot with this kid.

Second, and really importantly, Hazel is an awesome big sister.  Wait, that needs to be all caps – HAZEL IS

Hazel shares her special blanket with Julia

AN AWESOME BIG SISTER.  She is not jealous, she is not mad, she loves Julia, and she tells us all the time that she loves Julia.  Before Julia was born, Amos and I talked to Hazel all the time about how life with a baby would be.  We talked about how they cry, they can’t talk or walk or use the potty yet, and that she would have to share her room and toys with the baby just like the whole family would share the house, our food, etc.  We never told her that her sister would bug her or take up her time or annoy her by crying a lot.  I take time to point this out because, as is the case with so many other things, strangers (and even some people we love, but I’m not naming names here) tried to suggest that this would be the norm to Hazel.  Someone might, upon seeing my huge belly and Hazel in the front seat of the buggy, sidle up and say, jokingly, “Are you gonna be a big sister?  You gonna have to share your toys with someone else??”  Expecting a negative answer from Hazel, probably in a garbled lisp given the babyish nonsense voice they would use when talking to her, they were ALWAYS cut off by me (or Amos) saying, “Of course she’ll share, just like we’ll all share our things and home with this new baby!”  We never introduced the idea of the new baby as a burden for Hazel, and I think that really helped ease the transition for her.  We’ve also made sure to have a bit of special quality time with her as often as possible, even if it’s just going to the store with one of us by herself, and I think she really likes that.  But beyond anything that we could do, Hazel is just proving to be a compassionate, thoughtful person.  When Julia cries, Hazel sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her and lets her have Corduroy and her special pink blanket.  This is extra sweet because they were the only two things we specifically told Hazel she would not have to share with Julia.  We just have two awesome, amazing girls, and I’m just really happy with how things are happening right now ❤


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