Today Hazel got to participate in her first egg hunt, and let me tell you – she had a great time!  We have been talking about dying eggs for a couple of days, so she was more than ready to get to the fun this morning.  Although we were careful with the dying, and she mostly just watched this year, she was very happy to dictate all the color choices and messages/decorations in wax on the eggs.  We took our boiled eggs and combined them with Nana’s plastic ones, and those kids got to hunt probably 40 eggs this year (which was fortunate, since we had four kids looking for eggs in one yard).  I think we’ll probably be doing egg hunts for another month or so until Hazel moves on to another fun game.

As usual for our family, we also had to make some Old Lady Crabble eggs as well as the colorful ones.  Here’s the rub on Old Lady Crabble:  when Amos’s grandpa Barney was a boy, he had a mean neighbor they called Old Lady Crabble, and she hated children.  One year she stole all their Easter eggs and replaced them with ugly black eggs.  Upon seeing the tears and sniffles of all the kids, she had a change of heart and brought back their colored eggs, telling them that the Easter Bunny made a mistake by delivering the black eggs meant for her to their house instead.  Every year, now, his family makes at least one Old Lady Crabble egg, which is the prized egg at the hunt.  Now that Hazel is a bit older Amos was really excited to introduce the story to her.  She seemed to think it was hilarious, telling me that Old Crabble was “mean, mean, mean” to her grandpa and then she had to say (spoken in a teeny, creaky voice), “I’m sooooorrrrryyyy.”  We also dyed some colorful eggs for my family’s egg hunt.  The grandkids got to hunt down tons of plastic and real eggs hidden in Nana and Papaw’s yard, and then we had a nice dinner together.  Hazel and I took over dessert this year and made an orange cake with strawberry orange frosting.  I was proud of that cake; it’s the first one that I’ve made completely from scratch, and I think it turned out well.  I’d show you a picture, but we ate all the evidence of that cake’s existence!


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