The Big Grocery Shop

Do you guys plan a weekly menu?  Once I was at a friend’s house, and when I commented on how full her pantry was, she replied, “Yeah, I just go to the

Menu for Amos's birthday 2004!

store every week and buy the things I like there!”  I was struck by her method of shopping.  Is everyone that carefree?  Since moving in with Amos, we have always had a weekly menu & accompanying shopping list.  At first, this was born of necessity; we were poor Auburn students who had to plan out every purchase to the penny.  At that time, too, I gladly ate junkier food in order to afford cigarettes (sometimes I can’t believe I ever smoked, and other times I can’t believe I ever quit!).  Now, though, it’s become a way to budget and to keep track of all the recipes we love and those we want to try.  I use blank white index cards to write the menu on, with the list on the backside; I’ve got all the ones we used from the last couple of years, and even the menu & list from the first meal I ever cooked for Amos!  But that’s another story.

Since that experience with my friend, I’ve come to realize that I’m in the minority.  I don’t think most households are so paperworky when it comes to their food.  It’s a system that works for me, and a rather fun one.  I enjoy looking through recipes I’ve bookmarked, online and in our cookbooks, and making a market list helps me keep track of all the things we need for the new recipes.  We even have a list of weekday meals that are our tried & true, easy to make on the fly, recipes.

This week we’re having:  onion anchovy pasta (recipe coming for that this week, probably), veggie pot pie, Filipino chicken (an Amos classic)

Stack of old menus

with broccoli crunch slaw, aigo boulido with grilled cheeses, some kind of fish (whatever’s looking good) and my favorite mushy peas, veg and potato frittata with a tomato balsamic salad, and a rice stir-fry with whatever veg we have left (Hazel’s request).  I’m so excited to try aigo boulido; I was just reading Julia Child’s My Life in France, and in it she recalls an episode involving this garlic soup.  After reading, I just had to try it.  Our Mastering the Art of French Cooking is all packed up and in storage, though, so I’ll have to make do with this recipe.  On that note…

Bon appetit!  


2 thoughts on “The Big Grocery Shop

  1. I love that idea to plan the menu/shoping trip on a index card and then keep it. When my oldest kids were toddlers I kept a meal journal and I love looking back over the stuff we had for supper every day. It’s amazing how much just reading what you made for supper one night can remind of what all went on that day.

    • It makes it so much easier for me, and I rarely forget things that way. I love the idea of a meal planning journal! Sometimes I look back at our old menus and I can remember why we planned that or what we were doing. It would be cool to have a journal of memorable meals…I’m totally making one this week 🙂

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