Whirlwind Behind

It’s been so long since I posted; things have been running so quickly by me that I can barely keep my head above water.  During the week the girls and I have been trying to enjoy the many storytimes this place has to offer within walking distance  and the (sometimes) crispy fall weather.  I LOVE THE FALL, and this might surprise you New Yorkers, but I love the winter too.  I missed the snow in Alabama!  I’m not talking about the 4 inches that fell and locked up the highways for 19 weeks, either.  There was something quieting and pleasantly isolating about steady winter snow; we’ll see if it is like I remember.  People here say the winter is brutal – seriously, more than one person has told us that exact phrase – but I don’t think they mean NY lake effect brutal.

I have SO many pictures backed up that I think we’re just going to have to forget those.  Here are a couple of Hazel and I having fun talking about fall leaves.  I like to throw a little science at her on our daily walks, so we’re talking about decay, leaves, coniferous trees, and evergreens.  Total fun.


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