My Big Kid

Yesterday we went to an art fair at the Kansas City Plaza.  It’s this fancy area, with all these expensive shops, fancy restaurants, and ornate architecture.  All Hazel wanted to do, though, was walk down by the river to see the ducks and “walk on those cool rocks,” and all Amos and I wanted to do was walk with her.



2 thoughts on “My Big Kid

  1. OMG…they are both sooo big! I wish you lived right next door to me so that we can watch each others kids grow up in person instead of in pictures. Lola talks about Hazel every! I actually have a picture that Lola colored for Hazel this weekend that I have to mail to you.

  2. I know! MOVE HERE! ❤
    You guys will be getting a leaf rubbing really soon, too. We did them the other day, and Hazel keeps asking to do more. She's very into nature, the moon, and rocks. I love it!!

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