She’s a fast learner.

Dudes, I completely forgot to post about this in the crazy no-sleeping-ness that was Amos’s week in Seattle (hence the drought on my blog, here – I was too tired to type or, honestly, find my kids amusing).  Julia is growing SO quickly and has reached a couple of major milestones!!  She can sit up unassisted, though a bit wobbly, for a while and she has mastered a scootery pre-crawl.  Let me tell you, that kid MOVES when she wants something.  I love it; when I’m trying to cook dinner without killing anyone in our teeny tiny kitchen, I put some of her toys all over the living room floor and watch her scoot around collecting them.  I took this little video this morning, about 2 minutes ago, on my camera because I can’t find the cable for our actual video camera, which now has about 30 minutes of our kids being awesome stashed on the tape.

Here’s another photo of Julia at the art walk on Sunday.  See that expression?  That sucking on her lower lip, slightly amused at life expression?  Hazel did that ALL THE TIME when she was a baby, and it’s no less adorable on Jules.



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