Rainy Day

It’s gray and rainy outside, so we had a sleepy day indoors.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, since honestly we don’t always make it outside these days; I’ve been too busy making baby food, doing 80 loads of laundry, unpacking, organizing, and then reorganizing all our stuff.  Oh, plus Christmas.  Today, though, we were all kind of blah, very clingy and trying to wrap ourselves around Mama’s legs to just pretend we are her pants, until some magic rainbow smiled on our house in the early afternoon.  After cleaning up clothes & floor & baby for two, yes two, diarrhea incidents and both stepping on Hazel’s foot and elbowing her in the face because she was so close to me during this process, the girls just stopped.  I let them get every toy they own out onto their floor, and I guess that’s the trick, because they just started…playing.  Together.  Without me.  MIRACULOUS.  I did sneak in for a moment, though, to take a photo of Julia.  I feel like I have 50 thousand photos of Hazel alone and like two of Julia, so I told Hazel she could velcro herself to my back for two minutes while I photographed Julia.


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