That little girl is 10 months old today, y’all!  With Hazel’s foray into preschool, I have a little more time to focus on Julia.  Amos and I were thinking that we had Hazel using a spoon a little younger than this, so I got started with Julia last week.  She caught on pretty fast – my girls love to eat, and I guess she figured the more ways she knows how to get food in her face the better.


3 thoughts on “Julia’s New Job

  1. There was food ALL over the place! I’m being more relaxed about it than I was with Hazel at this age, and I’m trying to chill out on Hazel, too. We’ve pretty much given up bibs for Hazel – Amos said I was a weirdo for making her wear one now, and she told me that no one takes bibs to preschool. LOL

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