Last Minute Visits

Grandma and grandpa are here from St. Louis!  Amos’s parents always take a vacation this time of year, sometimes to see us since we are never close to St. Louis, and this year they made it just in time to see New Jersey and NYC.  We have some fun stuff planned:  trip to Little Italy, maybe Princeton or Lambertville for antiques, swimming in the river, taking walks, watching movies.  It’s going to be a strangely relaxing week before our very last week here, during which we will be all aflutter with insane packing.  It’s really nice to have this break in the midst of packing and moving, though.  So happy they’re here!

This will probably be my last post before we get back to NY, where I hope to catch up on blogging.  Both girls will be away from home all day then, Hazel in preschool and Julia in daycare four days a week, so even though I’ll start classes again AND start hardcore working on my thesis (even though it’s not technically until spring), I will probably have more spare time in the day!  Funny how that works, right?


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