So Let’s Go

We are in New York again!  You might be thinking “haven’t you been there for a month already, why did this post take so long to write?” and you wouldn’t be wrong.  Every time we move I think I’m a super pro, I could host my own reality show that features my mad paper-wrapping skills and meltdowns when we run out of moving tape at 1 AM.  But when we get to the new place, it still takes me 40 years to unpack everything except the absolute most vital things.  Like the girls’ room (which is so small in this place that it makes my soul cry a little, then I think I’m being too American/suburban/obsessive, then my soul REALLY starts the waterworks).  I unpacked that mess in one day, seriously, down to every book and puzzle and robot decals on the walls.  Everything else…not so much.  Right now things are mostly good, except I have a huge corner filled with mirror packs housing all our hanging art.  It’s like half the living room.  I also can’t find my Photoshop software to install it on this new machine (Amos and I switched, I have a MacBook Air now), so no photos 😦  How do people ever do anything with Preview?  It literally should be called “You can only LOOK at photos right here.”  I mean, I guess that’s what “Preview” kind of gets at…don’t judge me, I just moved!  A month ago!  My brain’s fried…still!

Anyway, I am a rambling hot mess because the girls are upstairs, barricaded in by a baby gate, and I’m supposed to be starting Zumba again.  I got on the computer to check my school site, which started today.  What also started today is two full weeks of both girls home and Amos gone and school and exit exam reading AND THESIS PROSPECTUS (my brain is shutting down now).  I’m going to go Zumba and pretend like nailing that African dance is the MOST important thing on my should-be-doing list today.


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