Turn the Light On

Julia has apparently learned a new trick!  I was lying on my bed, reading while she napped, and I heard these scritchy scratches on the wall.  I looked up and saw her light flickering through the crack under her door.  I was all THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED for a minute before realizing it was probably her.


Why is September almost over?

I still have tons of stuff to do!!!!

We have been extremely busy, all three of us.  With the start of the school year (for both Amos and I) came a crazy rush of adjusting to yet another new schedule.  We have lived by some serious schedules since I got pregnant with this baby!  Here's a little run-down of what all has been going on:
1.  Daycare started for Hazel, and I think she likes it as much as any 1-year-old would.  When we drop her off she cries for a while, which I didn't know about until yesterday, but Donna says she does fine not too long after we leave.  She hasn't been the sweetest baby these days because she is starting to teethe again, so it's been a little rough with her.  But with plenty of Tylenol we'll get through it!
2.  School is awesome.  And hectic, and scary a little.  I finally have grades back in both classes, so I feel like I am doing ok thus far.  With English classes you sometimes don't get grades back until your first big paper, which could be assigned two months into the semester, so it can be a little nerve-wracking to be doing all this work and not know if you're doing it correctly.  Luckily I'm making A's in both classes right now – whew!
3.  I'm having a long stroke of bad luck that is getting me down, but I figure the longer it goes on the sooner it just has to stop.  That includes losing my newest camera, the cute little red Nikon that I've been using pretty much exclusively to get all these quick, nice shots of Hazel, and which also had my 4 GB card inside.  I still have a 1 GB card for the other, bigger Nikon, but I am SUPER UPSET about losing that camera.  Maybe I can hold out until Black Friday and beat the crowds back to get a cheap deal on another one…until then there may not be as many pictures of Hazel, though I know I haven't been posting many here.   
I have to go make a Powerpoint on feminist literary theory, so this is going to be a short summation. But more to come soon. Until then, here's a little something funny to take the edge off!

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Hazel is at daycare right now.  As we speak, she's watching Barney and snatching some poor kid's toy away.  This house is so quiet without her here…I think maybe it's haunted also.  We wanted to take her to daycare so I could get some work done without staying up until 2 am every night, and so far I've eaten breakfast, updated Facebook, and edited the pictures I took of her this morning.  Look at me, Mom – OVERACHIEVER.  Seriously though, I am about to crack down on some studies, but I leave you with two pictures of excited, dorky parents with a completely clueless child.

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More Birthday Stuff

I have finally, in the midst of all the reading & typing & cooking & not showering I've been doing, edited all the pictures from Hazel's birthday party.  

And they suck.
I'm not kidding.  They're all…dark.  And kind of red.  I know, it's probably just me who cares, but whatever.  I'm consoling myself with all the pretty pictures I have of her on every other day, and I've concluded that birthdays are too hyped up and we may start celebrating her birthday on September 8th.
So here are a few (grandmothers, you are getting cd's with more):
Yes, that's right.  Her cake had no icing.  My baby hasn't had food coloring, or refined sugar, or a sugar high – arrest me!!
And this was taken a few days after her actual birthday; the sweet, adorable secretaries Amos works with (Hazel's "aunts") had a little something for her at school last Friday.  This time I made up an "icing" that's really just nuefchatel with a little honey in it, whipped all to hell so it's kind of fluffy.  That kid went nuts over it, so that made us happy.  Seeing her covered in food did not.  For y'all that don't know, Hazel is a pretty clean eater.  It jankled my nerves to see white stuff all on her hands, then clothes, table, chair, us, you name it.

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Happy Birthday Hazel

Today is the anniversary of several things:

The worst pain I've ever felt.
The first time my Mama saw all my junk in probably 20 years.
The first time someone I barely knew helped me go to the bathroom.
A bunch of even grosser stuff that I won't mention again.  Ever.  Probably.
But most importantly, the moment that our daughter was born, the moment we became parents, and the moment our parents became grandparents, our siblings became aunts & uncles, and our friends honorary ones.  Happy Birthday Hazel, our sweet, funny, squishable, beautiful daughter.
This video I just took!  Birthday dancing!

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Videos & Photos & Stuff

I've got a backlog of stuff that I haven't uploaded, so stuff has just been sitting around, looking cute from the desktop of my computer.  This video was taken just a few days ago – short but sweet!

This photo was taken last week, just her playing with her blocks in the living room.  Those blocks are her favorite toy; she plays with them everyday.
These pictures I took this morning.  Hazel has been learning to feed herself with the spoon, all by herself!  She fed herself applesauce this morning.
This is from last week, I think.  It's classic Hazel; she's looking at me like I'm nuts.

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Monster Hazel

Something is wrong with my child.  When I'm home with her, which I don't know if you realize this, but it's all day long everyday, she can't play alone.  She can't sit on the floor while I sit in a chair like a 26-year-old should.  In her perfect universe, I will sit cross-legged on the floor while she crawls around, drops stuff on the table & into my lap, and occasionally sits on my knee before diving back on the floor for another block or my hairbrush.  Should I sip coffee, scoot across the floor, turn the TV on, scratch my knee, SHE KNOWS and will attack me instantly.  While she's playing, though, she basically ignores me the whole time.  So I'm like a giant, breathing armchair that gets gradually more and more annoyed until I finally stand up, maybe to get coffee or go to the bathroom, and she has a meltdown and follows me for a couple of steps, only to put her face on the floor and dissolve into tears.

On these days I should invite over 15-year-olds and teach them about abstinence.

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I'll just get right to it – Hazel took her first steps yesterday!!  In an AT&T store, which just makes me feel like a big yuppie dork.  Amos and I went to Syracuse yesterday to replace our pretty old, battery-not-working, scratched-up cell phones with iphones.  Amos has a student who works there, and he was nice enough to cut us a deal, so we went all the way out there in a flurry yesterday afternoon.  The flurry part was my fault.  I just wanted to get it over with, plus we needed to go to the mall out there anyway (actually, turns out we didn't, but we didn't know that until we got there). While in AT&T, Hazel and I had a lot of time on our hands, so I took her out of the stroller & let her practice walking.  She just seemed like she wanted to run away from me, and since I had not had any garlic, beans, vinegary products that day, I thought she might be ready to try  walking on her own.  And she did!  She walked back and forth between the two of us.  She walks really fast, all leaned forward, and laughs the whole time.  Luckily this happened yesterday, because she's cutting another new tooth (#5 is completely out now) and was acting like someone coming off methadone.

Needless to say I did not get a photo, or video.  But we will soon, I'm sure.  For now, you can just take this photo as evidence that she was indeed alive yesterday.  (Oh, and we flipped her car seat around yesterday too, which I think she liked.)

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