Julia has been tentatively walking for a couple of weeks now, and I finally managed to get a little video of her taking some steps.  You’ll have to ignore the toys on the floor, the laundry on the coffee table, and the Dawson’s Creek on the television.  Side note – it’s intensely weird, watching something I LOVED and people I thought were HOT when I was 15.  They really only think about sex in the craziest of ways.

Anyway!  Baby steps!!



Her sweet, wispy hair wavers between blond and brown, a kind of burnished, aged gold.  She is always happy to wake up, always excited to gaze at the cars passing by when we open up the blinds to let in the morning sun.  That little curl in the back just does me in.

This morning I was talking to Hazel about my coming to her preschool to read a Dr. Seuss book in honor of Dr. Seuss Week.  She knows I work at home, or really go to school at home, but that’s about all she knows.  So, I said to her, “Did you know I’m a writer too?  That’s what I do right now – I read and write, and later I’ll teach other people how to do that.”

“Really?  You just write?  I want to be a writer when I grow up, just like you.”

Thinking how sweet it was to hear that, I said, “I can’t wait to read your books.”

“Hmmm, what do you write?  What kinds of books?”

“I write things about other books; I read them, then I write about them for other people.”

Laughing, she replied, “What?!  Who would read THAT?”

She’s a perceptive little genius, she is.  This little exchange made my day.


Daily Hazel

Every morning we go outside and water the plants that we are growing in our backyard.  Hazel helped us choose each plant, and even picked which flowers were her special ones beside her lawn chair.  I love doing this in the morning with her; we check on all our friends, give them a little shower, and then begin our day.

27-ish weeks

Dudes, I can’t believe it’s only been that long.  I feel SO BIG.  I don’t know how we’re going to last another 13-15 weeks together!  Today I went in for the nasty glucose test (results pending, but I feel confident that all will be well) and my last ultrasound before Julia goes overdue (again, feeling pretty confident that will happen).  She has shifted position so that her head is down and her feet are up, just like everything should be.  Hopefully she’ll stay in this position until she is born. 

This is the best picture from today.  She’s looking right at the ultrasound wand, so you can see two dark spots which are her eyes and a vague outline of her nose and chin.  All through the ultrasound the midwife was trying to get a clear view of her genitalia just to reconfirm that she’s a she, but Julia had a foot jammed right in the way almost the whole time!  Right at the end we caught a quick glimpse.  She was so sweet; it’s fun to think about bringing her home from the hospital in the same blanket that held Hazel, me, and my mom and wearing the same outfit that both Hazel and I wore home.  I’m ready to see this baby now, for many reasons.

Incidentally, this morning Hazel told me that Julia was in her belly, “right there,” and that Julia was also eating all her food.  That child doesn’t know how close to the truth she really is!


Pumpkin Patch!

You guys have to know that I absolutely love fall.  I love the flavors, the colors, the weather, everything, so I was the most excited about our weekend trip to the pumpkin patch.  I scouted out a couple of options before settling on McGee Farm, which I felt was more homey and natural than some of the commercialized ones that were also close by.

Today we started out early, arriving right as the farm opened, and had a super fun few hours with Hazel on the farm.  We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and each chose our own pumpkin.  Hazel looked all over the pumpkin patch for one she really wanted, and the tiny one she chose is just adorable.  She kept rejecting pumpkins we showed her, saying they were all “too big,” until she found her tiny companion.  After the ride we saw the goats and chickens, played in the hay (neither Mama nor Hazel was much a fan – too itchy & sneezy!), and talked about all the different kinds of pumpkins that were on display there.  They had some truly gorgeous ones – the white variety, some so small they barely spanned the palm of my hand, the squatty French kind, huge orange globes perfect for carving, and some even a dusty green color that was similar to a Hubbard squash.

This farm has a little restaurant on the site, so we decided to have lunch there.  Hazel and I shared some white beans and cornbread while Amos tried the chicken and dumplings.  We were going to give the muscadine cobbler a go after lunch, but the three of us could barely roll ourselves to the car after our tasty, but totally filling, lunch.  I was right proud that we braved the 90 degree heat and stayed outside for half the day!  We left right at nap time so Hazel could sleep in the car, and now we’re taking advantage of the rest of the day by lounging around in jams while Amos makes that braised chicken and squash dinner that we all love so much…I guess I mean Hazel and I are lounging while he works!  😉

And here’s one last picture of Hazel.  It was kind of an accidentally taken photo, and the lighting was HORRIBLE, but look at her smile.  It’s lovely.  So I tried to fix this picture up a bit even though it would have been destined for the trash bin otherwise.

Emma & Lola — No Peeking!

I woke up at 6 am this morning, wide awake.  I have been so restless and tired at the same time for the past week, so is it any surprise that I woke up and got right to work?  I saw this pattern for Black Apple Dolls, so named because the creator runs a business called The Black Apple on Etsy, and knew I had to try it out.  The result are a doll each for cutie pies Emma and Lola, daughters of two friends of mine.  They didn't take that long to make at all; I finished both in just one morning.

I kind of want to keep them!!  :)

Blue DollDoll FeetRed DollBFF

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