It’s like crack to me.

The girls and I arrived home today after a long stay with my mama in Alabama.  I’m exhausted and thrilled to be home, full of ideas and plans and things that must be done, one of which is editing the hundreds – seriously – of photos that have accumulated since last August.  I did a little weeding through my pile, tossing out some of the really bad, blurry jobs, and I just had to go ahead and edit this one.  I mean, LOOK AT HER BOOTY ROLLS, Y’ALL.  They were calling to me.

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Daily Julia


Happy 3-month birthday to our cutie Jules!!  Every parent thinks their child’s life passes quickly, but I’m caught in this fugue state; she seems so young, but at the same time I feel like she’s always been here with us.  I wish everyone who looks at this blog could meet her in person.  I have never met such a sweetly tempered baby, who coos and laughs all the time at such a young age.

Daily Julia

Julia looks like a bodybuilder, right?  Amos always comes up with the craziest photo positions.

Two Months & Talking

Well, not English, exactly, but Julia has been very talkative lately.  She’s such a social child, very engaged given her young age.  I don’t remember Hazel being so chatty – but I was also quite a bit more sleep deprived when Hazel was two months old!  This is a sweet video I took of her on Friday, when Amos was away on a trip to Kansas City.  Julia and I were having a nice conversation, and through the magic of video we could share it with him (and you!).

Video – Hazel reads to Julia

I took this sweet video of Hazel reading to Julia (kind of) earlier this evening.  It was so adorable ❤

This was before Hazel’s epic meltdown at my mom’s, and before I barely hung on to my sanity as I shoved a screaming, kicking toddler in the backseat beside a somehow peacefully, dead asleep newborn.  Luckily Hazel’s behavior had more to do with sleepiness than it did with any kind of sibling jealousy; Hazel’s been fighting her naps at daycare recently, and she kept saying that she was tired instead of apologizing for something small she did (it escalated from the not-apologizing to warfare).  I know it’s only been two weeks, but I feel like Hazel is adjusting to Julia’s presence very well.  Most of the time she treats Julia like you can see in the video; she’s attentive, sweet, wants to read to her and give her toys.  Those of you in the know will see that Julia is draped in Hazel’s two prize possessions, the only two things we swore she wouldn’t have to share – Corduroy and her pink blanket.  My thoughtful firstborn insisted on covering Julia by herself, thank you very much, and was reading her book about being a big sister to Julia when I thought to get the camera.  I’m really proud of how she’s been handling the baby.  Even when we do something boring like change her diaper Hazel wants to be there and at least watch what’s going on.  It’s really adorable and makes us (Amos and I) really happy.

Random Hazel

What a cutie pie, right?  She’s so willing to take pictures, and so when I needed a model for this quick hat for a friend, she was more than happy to oblige!

Dancing with the Toddlers

Hazel is a dancing machine.  That's all there is to it – she LOVES TO DANCE.  And yes, that has to be all capitals, because she just freaks out when music, any music, comes on.  We have set up our Casio in the living room for her, so now we have dance parties all day long.  So cute.

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