It’s Never Too Early

With our current living situation (ahem – tiny apartment covered in white gray carpet that only currently houses about 1/3 of our worldly possessions), sometimes things to do evade both Hazel and I.  I’m nervous about messing up the carpet and having to pay for it, and I hesitate to set up any permanent play stations for several reasons.  After a while, crayons and washable markers, even these window markers I bought, start to pale somewhat.  We are outside everyday, for at least a couple of hours, jumping and swinging and sliding at the playground nearby, but our inside activities needed a boost.  Since Hazel loves to read, I decided we should try our hand at making a book of our very own.

I tend to become more regimented, organized, and clean when I’m feeling stressed, and our current situation stresses me out quite a bit, so I think Hazel sees me only in that role.  I’m constantly cleaning up this apartment; it’s just too small for any mess to exist if we’re going to walk around without breaking our ankles.  She’s too young to see my creative side; my taking photos and knitting are just things Mama does to her, I’m sure, and I don’t know how old she’ll have to be before she can understand the creativity that goes into the work I do at school.  It worries me.  I don’t want her to feel constricted, and so I thought this activity would allow her space to stretch her imagination, draw, work on numbers and letters, and help to focus her attention for a longer time on one activity.

She did not disappoint!  Her story evolves a bit over time, but the words are hers.  She is so proud of her little missive,   but not possibly more than I am!  This is SO going in her keepsake box.  I look forward to the day I can whip this bad boy out…maybe at her Pulitzer Prize award celebration or something 😉


Hermione Hat

Yeah, I made something else.  In one day.  This is actually for me, this hat.  I saw this pattern and loved it, so I made it because I have 80 thousand more hours until Julia is born and I’m going a little crazy at home all day by myself.  Not a lot, just a little.  No, my eye didn’t just twitch!

Knitting Mishaps…

I guess when you do something enough, no matter how long you’ve been doing it, you’re bound to make some mistakes.

Yes, these are huge.  And weird.  And very, very long.  And in the trash now!  There’s just no saving them.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but they are about 3″ below my wrist.  They’re almost like sleeves instead of mitts.  I had some issues with this pattern, but I also have never made anything for hands before, so it’s a tie!

Random Hazel

What a cutie pie, right?  She’s so willing to take pictures, and so when I needed a model for this quick hat for a friend, she was more than happy to oblige!


I finally finished those two Christmas decorations that I wanted to do this year.  Here are a couple of quick photos; the door the wreath is hanging on doesn’t really allow for a straight shot, but I think you can still see it fairly well.  That wreath, by the way, took about an hour, while the banner took much longer.  I seriously thought it would be the other way around!

Christmas Makings

Okay – you guys know that I love Christmas, right?  I can’t help it; as soon as November rolls around, I am ready for garlands and shiny ornaments and peppermint bark.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS STUFF!  Soon we’ll be decorating the house, and that’s got me thinking about all the adorable Christmasy things I am itching to get my hands busy working on; luckily, since I have a couple of AWESOME friends who are currently looking over the papers I’ve written a bit early, I might have the time to actually do some!!!  But I know I won’t get around to all of them (at least not before Christmas!), so I thought I’d post some here for you all to see.

First, this cutie Merry Christmas banner.  This one is technically for sale, but I can easily see making my own.

Now wreaths like this one were first spotted in Starbucks  a couple of years ago, but since they corresponded directly to Hazel’s birth I never got around to making my own.  This year I am definitely going to – this is just too awesome to not be hanging somewhere in my house!

Swoon, right?!  There’s also a tutorial with many examples of felt ornaments; the ice skates are my favorite!  Wouldn’t these be cute also as gift tags?

I am going to buy yards of felt and many skeins of Christmasy yarn tomorrow, I think.  Maybe if I have all the supplies here I can figure out some time to make things!

Playing Ball

In the bright a$$ sun!!!  Jeez Louise is this picture overexposed!!  :)

Today was more like a normal day.  Hazel and I walked around a few stores after dropping Amos off at work, then came back for lunch, some ball-kicking in the newly mown yard, and nap time.  While Hazel slept I got to work on a new project:  stripping, sanding, and repainting the poles that hold up the carport on the side of our house.  The paint, which is of course several layers (and colors) thick, has been rusting away off these things for who knows how long.  Because they are rusty, and because Hazel is so small and could hurt herself, I have decided to redo the lot.  Amos helped me pick out the correct supplies, and today I got started, stripping & sanding two poles in the two hours that she naps.  It was hard, but satisfying, work.  
Next up on the docket is redoing a deep freeze that my mom and stepdad gave us.  This was secondhand to them, and while old and messed up on the cover, it works just fine.  I'm going to sand the whole thing, taking off the rust on the top, and repaint the whole thing white again.  I'm going to do that here in a few minutes so it can dry overnight without us running around. 
After that I'm planning to strip, sand, and stain this chest of drawers I have had for years.  It's white, badly painted, but real wood, and I got it at a thrift store right before we moved to New York.  Of course, after we got into the apartment I had no room for a project like that, but the carport that we don't use (the advantages of having only one car are countless!) is begging for some DIY!  Hey, I gotta have something to do in the month I'm off school!  When I start back with one class in July I'm sure this will slow a bit – well, probably.  I've been waiting for years to have the space to do these kinds of things, and now that I've got it I'm sure the novelty will not wear off anytime soon!  :)

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Football Socks and Clinton Adventures

I finished Hazel's Auburn Pride Socks last night!  They are just slightly too big, which is perfect; by the time game day rolls around, they should fit nicely!  War Damn Eagle!  I was too excited to try and wait for some nice light coming in the windows, so here's a picture in the early morning blue light.

I know this is a kind of crappy picture, and it's because Hazel was staring at Monsters Inc. like she's never seen that movie.  I'm serious – take a look:  
Yep.  She's a zombie.
Luckily she eventually recovered, because we have had a busy day already!  First we met up with the gorgeous Pat Murphy for some coffee and poker.
The gamblerThe gambler

And then we got to have a delicious lunch at Nola's with Amos and Hazel's honorary aunts!  I even made them all take a picture together, although it is obvious that Hazel was interested in walking around more than posing.
Thanks, everyone, for such a beautiful day so far!  Although Amos has an awards banquet tonight (good luck, Amos and Pat, for the Excellence in Teaching Award!), Hazel and I have planned another walk, this time to the Post Office to see our friend Valerie, which will end in some outside playing time if Mama's fingers aren't frozen off.  It's sunny out today, I know, but tell it to the icicles I have for fingers 😉

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New Pictures

I took these two following pictures today with my iphone – that little camera really does a decent job!

Yes, that's a new pumpkin hat.  I have been dying to make one for a couple of weeks now, and since I finished that baby gift I was making and was sick this weekend, I got it done very quickly!

I love this one – her face says "I am so embarrassed right now."  Love it!!

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Hazel’s Sweater

I love this sweater.  I love the yarn, I love the colors, I love the pattern, and I love that I got the pattern all the way correct.  This will keep her warm for probably the next 4 years, because it did turn out kind of big (I've since noticed that other people had this same outcome, so I'm still counting it as being correct).

Oh, and the yarn was spun & dyed locally in New Hartford.  Pretty cool!

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