Reasons for Future Therapy

I’m not into human experimentation when it involves drugs and stuff, okay?  Let’s just get that out into the open before you read this.

I’m a big fan of this blog called Sociological Images.  All kinds of stuff is discussed on there, and since I have an obsession tendency with analyzing media, particularly that which is blared at girls/kids, I was drawn to this particular post about gift giving.  Basically, Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to give their children gifts they knew would not be well received (aka, that they would totally hate), and film the kids opening them.  The intent, I’m sure, was to see kids freaking out, maybe pitching a few fits, and to laugh at their crazy reactions.  The blog author focuses on what constitutes an inappropriate gift – it’s either something that I would consider trash (a black banana, half-eaten sandwich, or juice bottle that just has a little left) or “the gift is considered bad because the recipient is a boy and the gift is for a girl” (Wade).  This was particularly interesting, since the boys mostly showed disgust, cried, or otherwise made fun of the gift.  Mostly, the kids were at best very disappointed and at worst completely pitched a fit.

After reading this blog post and watching the video, I just kept thinking about why the kids were so upset.  I mean, I would definitely not be happy if someone gave me something that was clearly trash (who wouldn’t think they were being pranked?), but a lot of these kids were totally rude if the gift was something they just didn’t want, like a stapler.  A parent admitted it, saying, “Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it,” to which this 8-or 9-year-old boy said, “Well tell him to suck my balls.”  Seriously.  The kid said that, the parent still filmed & submitted the tape.  The issue switched over to materialism, the culture of deserving things, and parenting for me, so I just had to know – what would Hazel do if I did this to her?  After lots of thought, I decided her gift would be a package of dish sponges, clearly opened.  This isn’t trash, it’s not gender inappropriate (because there’s no such thing in our house), but it’s definitely not something she would identify as a toy.  Here’s the video:

I love my daughter.


Happy Balentime’s Day

Hazel has been talking about Balentime’s (you locals may understand her accent to mean “Valentine’s”) Day for a couple of weeks now, mainly because she’s been a little obsessed with heart shapes.  She could recognize that shape early on/months ago, so I think she was pretty delighted to find out there is apparently a whole holiday dedicated to the heart shape.  Last week, her doctor told her she was going to listen to Hazel’s heart and asked if Hazel knew where it was, and she said it was on Valentine’s Day.  It was pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed long enough to trade Valentines with the family.  I’m super sick – again – with a horrible cold that has me wheezing all night and just staring into the distance all day.  I was up for a few hours this morning just coughing, so I didn’t get up on time to do our normal morning routine.  But I wanted to see Hazel before she went off to daycare on her first big Valentine’s Day!

We got Hazel a balloon and I knitted her a doll (better pictures of that later), and Amos got both of us very sweet cards.  Last night we all baked our favorite Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers, which will be Hazel’s special snack at her daycare party today.  Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for the two of us before kids, so I didn’t expect tons of flowers or candy.  What I did get, a goofy card with this goofy poem in the characteristic way of my husband, is way better than that:

Here’s a Valentine

with a sappy rhyme

For a lady who’s fine

Carrying babies of mine

From time to time…

Don’t hurt your spine

Cutiepie Valentine

Love, Amos


The Last Christmas Gift

Today I finished blocking the Clapotis I have been working on for my grandmother:

I love it. LOVE IT.  I want to wear it!  Obviously, I'm going to have to make myself a snuggly wrap/shawl immediately.  Bonus, I have about 5 skeins leftover from this project (Knit Picks skeins are only 50 grams – super small, really), which means that I am going to make a Feather and Fan cardigan for Hazel.  
Actually, I am finally working on a project for myself, which is called the February Lady Sweater.  I have had the yarn and buttons for this sweater since JANUARY.  That's almost an entire year ago.  This will be the third project I have ever made for myself, following a phone cover and a tampon case.  Yeah, I know – both of those things are tiny and they suck.  I have really pretty yarn, sort of a slightly heathery hunter green, with dark wooden buttons.  Now that I am done with Christmas knitting, I just have this project and a blanket for Hazel on the needles.  Wow.  I haven't been working on only two things since probably last year!  LOL
Anyway, as the school year winds down for me (only 1.5 finals and one more week of homework to go), I hope to get this finished rather quickly.  I have never made an adult-sized sweater, so I wonder how it will progress.  If the lace pattern (oh yeah – this is also lace!!  another new frontier!!!) agrees with me, then I'm going to make Hazel a matching version as well.  

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It’s a Baby Shower!

Not for me, but for our friends Amy and Chris, who own the CSA farm of which we are members.  Today we attended their sweet baby shower and had a great time.  This is the sweater I worked like a madwoman to finish:

They are going to wait and find out the sex when the baby is born, so I thought orange and gold would be perfect and more appealing than pastel colors.  I used Knit Picks machine washable sport yarn, which is super squishy soft and great for a baby.  They loved it, which made me happy 🙂
In that the spirit of new parents, I made a video today of what we like to call "Please Take a Nap."

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Today’s the Day

Today is officially my due date.

And because I know that only 10% of women deliver on their due dates, I'm pretty sure that will not be happening today.

Every day for the past two weeks (and maybe the week before that, secretly) I have hoped and thought about going into labor.  We even had that great false alarm, and after that I was so convinced it would be the very next day…or the next one…or the one after that.  But here I am, baby still firmly ensconced in my ideal uterine environment, waiting it out.  That pins and needles feeling is gone for today, which is kind of nice and kind of sucky at the same time.  I do feel like I should get some cake and ice cream today, though.  Did anyone else feel that way, like you waited so long for this day and something should happen??

Actually I did get a little treat today in the mail!  Not cake and ice cream, but the new camera strap I ordered to protect the Nikon D80.  I bought one years ago for my Nikon 8700 and love it, so I got myself another one to match!  I ordered these from Heyday Fashion; her shop's a bit empty right now, as she just got back from maternity leave, but she makes some of the cutest things.  The black "funfetti," as it's called, is the new one and matches the pink funfetti one of years past.

Speaking of photography…
I am working on going completely freelance and setting up my own business.  I don't want to say too much yet, but it's in the works.  

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Emma & Lola — No Peeking!

I woke up at 6 am this morning, wide awake.  I have been so restless and tired at the same time for the past week, so is it any surprise that I woke up and got right to work?  I saw this pattern for Black Apple Dolls, so named because the creator runs a business called The Black Apple on Etsy, and knew I had to try it out.  The result are a doll each for cutie pies Emma and Lola, daughters of two friends of mine.  They didn't take that long to make at all; I finished both in just one morning.

I kind of want to keep them!!  :)

Blue DollDoll FeetRed DollBFF

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This is what you get when you don’t have a pattern.

Ugh!  So I've been working on this project for a little while now…

This was going to be a baby gift for my friends Laura and Pete.  They decided to be surprised by the sex of the baby, but everyone knows the baby will be an Auburn fan (war eagle!), so I wanted to make them something in orange and blue instead of boring green or yellow or something.  The particular stitch I used is called trinity or blackberry stitch; it makes these little bobble things on the back side, making the back prettier than the front.  I wanted also to use a heavier yarn, since I figured they wouldn't get a lot of heavy blankets, being in Alabama, but baby could use something warmer if they wanted to tailgate outside all day or whatever.  So, I used a wool yarn, very thick, and knit a blue and an orange square together two times, then just sewed them up the middle.

Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

The damn yarn is so thick and heavy that when I made the seam tight it pulled in the middles, making the top and bottom into like a V shape.  I took the seam out and redid it looser, which looked ok laying flat – but when I picked it up I got this nasty surprise:
How do you like that????
So I can't bear to send it, even though I spent a couple of weeks (and more money than I would have had I been knitting for myself) on the damn thing.  Sometimes this kind of stuff happens when you're knitting, especially if, like me, you aren't so much into patterns.  Oh well – our daughter's got another goofy blanket on her hands, and their child will get something nicer and neater and made according to instructions!

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In the Meantime

I guess it's official – she is totally not making an appearance this week.  I feel fine, the doctor said I'm not dilated (even though the hospital nurse said I was), so I guess I need to stop feeling like I'm waiting for an alarm to go off.  Mainly I've been knitting.  The repetitive motions are relaxing and allow me to expel all that extra energy that I would be using jiggling my knees, plus I get either Christmas gifts or new stuff for me out of it!

Here's the latest, a very simple double yarn over scarf made with very pretty and very much on sale Debbie Mumm yarn from JoAnn's.  This is going to my little brother's girlfriend Leah for Christmas.  The colors are beautiful, and

 I think it will look good on her, so I'm giving it away even though I'm tempted to keep it!  I bought one skein too many, so I can't decide whether to make a matching hat or fingerless mitts, or maybe try for a baby sweater out of it…who knows??

I also got a big box of Villager things to photograph yesterday.  Seriously, I think there's maybe 17 little goodies in there.  Only five items were for the website, though; the others will be grouped together in a Christmas mailer which is going to be beautiful.  Seriously, the template is gorgeous.  Anyway, my favorite item was this bunny head pin from designer Kristin Lora.  She makes these great off-the-wall pieces that always grab my attention.  For this piece I just happened to have some beautiful, pale blue, wood grain paper, and I adore how the photos came out.  They make me want to buy the piece, and I'm the one who took the photos!!  

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Knitting VENT!!!

Like most knitters I've got yarn in my stash that I bought because it was cheap, or I loved it, but had no idea what to do with it.  I had four skeins or so, two being a black and white variegated and the others being electric blue and black variegated.  I've been wanting to use it, so when I found this pattern for a circular baby blanket I thought this is great!  I can make this blanket & give it to this couple I know who's having a baby boy right around when I am.  

So I make the whole damn thing.  It takes a few days, mainly because it was my first experience with DPNs and it took a while to get started.  I went from 5 stitches on the DPNs to like 200 on the circular needles!!  The only problem was I cast off a little too tightly.  Since the blanket was a circle, that meant it wouldn't lay flat, but had a slightly curled edge.  After spending almost 2 hours this morning trying to work on it, unraveling the finished blanket to pick up stitches and rework the end border, I finally just gave up that threw that piece of s$#* in the trash.

What did this experience teach me?
1.  I hate baby blankets.
2.  I hate DPNs.


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We have a crib!!  It came to us from our friend Judy, who found this crib that a couple was looking to unload.  It's very sturdy, white metal crib with high rounded sides.  It converts to a toddler bed as well.  I checked this crib model out, and they only thing I could find was a warning about installing the slider mechanism correctly (duh), which I think we can manage.  The style is more like what we prefer, plus it saved us about $200.  We have to get a mattress, and after we put it all together I will take some photos.

Thanks again Judy!!  <3

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