That’s how my lispy toddler says “hungry,” and I’ve given up trying to correct her.  It’s cute, people, and she’s got too much to say to worry about controlling her face perfectly.  So this morning, when I told Hazel that we were going to give Julia solid food, she kept telling Amos and I that Julia was going to eat “food like us ’cause she’s HUNGEEEEEEEEEE, very HUNGEEEEEEEE, and I’m going to mix it up and eat it too ’cause I like oatmeal and why can’t I have oatmeal I don’t want

Here, eat this before Mama and Daddy see!

thosepancakesrightnow!”  Um, you get the picture.  It was way more exciting for Hazel than for Julia.  I love how interested she is in Julia; Hazel wanted to help at every step, from opening the box to actually feeding her.  I snapped this very quick shot almost accidentally (hence the blurry redness) of Hazel trying to sneak Julia’s first bite!

Oatmeal faceJulia did very well, though, despite being irritated about sitting up in the Bumbo seat.  She really seemed to like the taste and texture, but quit after a few bites to take a nap.  That’s my girl!

Oh, and I almost forgot!!  Last night, when I stripped Jules down for her nap, she was playing around on the

No mas! No mas!!!

bed and actually got her foot into her mouth.  She seemed pretty psyched about this, having now four permanently attached teething toys instead of just her two hands!


Daily Julia

nom nom nom

Julia just had her four-month well baby check, and she is doing fantastically!  Her muscle control is more like a 6-month-old’s, as she can sit up in the Bumbo seat, hold her head very steady, roll over from front to back, and get almost all the way over back to front.  She’s in the 95% for height and the 60% for weight, so soon Amos and I are going to see if she would like oatmeal cereal.  She does still have a blocked tear duct, which only results in an increased amount of eye boogers, and the doctor said it should resolve itself by 12 months.  Overall, she’s a VERY healthy, sociable, awesome baby!

Bathtub Baby

I feel like I took SO many photos of Hazel when she was tiny, and I have zero of Julia.  Partly it’s because of the poor light this house gets; we are totally in the shade, so much so that our herbs don’t even grow very well outside, and so the pictures I take inside are very red or need a flash.

Anyway, this morning I had to give Julia a bath because of a little naptime accident, and she looked so lovely and happy in the water that I just had to grab my camera.  Luckily it was about three steps away from the bathroom!



Nancy, doesn’t she look so much like the Confers in that black and white photo?!  Trust me, people who don’t know what Amos’s father’s side of the family looks like, SHE DOES.  It’s so cool to see how much she looks like me and still looks like them, too!


Couldn’t Resist!

Isn’t she lovely???  I just had to put this up even though I took this picture seriously two minutes after I posted about swimming.  It was right before she had a total meltdown, too.  She had to have shots today, THREE f**king shots in her two legs, and she started screaming after this.  It was heartbreaking.  I ran out to buy some infant Tylenol (we have 78 bottles of the children’s, but no infant), and now she’s mostly asleep in her crib, but wakes up every now and again, just enough to whimper.  It’s so, so sad.

The Beginning of the Summer

This was the best picture I could get in the blazing sun

With the temperature steadily in the 90s, I feel like summer has truly begun down here.  The fruit and veg I’m seeing at the market is starting to get truly exciting again, the sprinkler has been out several times already, and I have herbs exploding all over my back patio.  I might sweat like a trucker, but I do love what the crazy summer heat does to our little herbs out there.  Plus I LOVE how summer smells…mint, citrus, grass, coconut, suntan lotion, mojitos, BBQ, yeeeeeeeesssss.

Daddy and Julia

To kickstart our summer, we visited Nana and Papaw’s pool twice in one weekend!  Even Julia joined in on the fun.  Though she’s making a kind of old lady sourpuss in this picture, she really enjoyed the water, not complaining at all about the relative coolness of the water.  It’s so fun to go through all these firsts again!  Hazel’s only 2 1/2, but it feels like her first experiences are slowing down.  The absolute wonder and discovery of a child’s life is one of the coolest things about being a parent; you not only get to watch them find out all these things about life, but you get to introduce them to it!  And they think you’re some kind of magician!!  So fun.

Now that I feel like I’m coming out of the pregnancy/newborn haze, I’m hoping that Hazel, Julia, and I can have some fun adventures this summer.  There are all kinds of crafts I want to do with Hazel, and I think she may be old enough and have enough cognizance to do more than just color and do simple play.  Father’s Day is approaching, and while Amos may not be too interested in celebrating any holiday, I hope to make something with Hazel for him that he will enjoy.  Oh, and we are TOTALLY doing an antipasto dinner that night!  Any excuse to buy fancy cheese, anchovies, and wine is an excuse I’m taking!

Photo Update

Tummy Time



Julia and Mama

Hazel saying "Cheese!"

Portraits of Julia

I have tried again to take portraits of Julia, and I think this time we had better success.  She was very relaxed and bright-eyed, and I am happy with the results!  To me this pictures are more personal than the ones you usually see of babies this small; big, goofy hats and cute, printed backgrounds might be fun, but I think they distract from the actual baby’s features and personality.  I don’t even like staying in color; she’s a tiny newborn whose color is still quite red, and that takes away from her expressions, which is why these are mostly in black and white.  I can’t decide which one I’m going to print and hang up on our wall!


Four Days Old

Photographing a newborn is quite a bit harder than I thought, especially when it’s your own child.

This morning we were having a little quiet time, so I thought I would drag out my photo stuff and take some nicer portraits of Julia.  That only means setting up a background and putting together my nice, big, SLR that I never get to use these days.  SUPER fun sounding!  But the reality was a little harder.  Bending over, getting Julia all naked and ready, and trying to comfort her and get in nice angles strained all those muscles that are very sore from pushing.  I didn’t try for very long because my back hurt so badly and she was just crying, but I did get just a couple that I like well enough.



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