Happy Balentime’s Day

Hazel has been talking about Balentime’s (you locals may understand her accent to mean “Valentine’s”) Day for a couple of weeks now, mainly because she’s been a little obsessed with heart shapes.  She could recognize that shape early on/months ago, so I think she was pretty delighted to find out there is apparently a whole holiday dedicated to the heart shape.  Last week, her doctor told her she was going to listen to Hazel’s heart and asked if Hazel knew where it was, and she said it was on Valentine’s Day.  It was pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed long enough to trade Valentines with the family.  I’m super sick – again – with a horrible cold that has me wheezing all night and just staring into the distance all day.  I was up for a few hours this morning just coughing, so I didn’t get up on time to do our normal morning routine.  But I wanted to see Hazel before she went off to daycare on her first big Valentine’s Day!

We got Hazel a balloon and I knitted her a doll (better pictures of that later), and Amos got both of us very sweet cards.  Last night we all baked our favorite Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers, which will be Hazel’s special snack at her daycare party today.  Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for the two of us before kids, so I didn’t expect tons of flowers or candy.  What I did get, a goofy card with this goofy poem in the characteristic way of my husband, is way better than that:

Here’s a Valentine

with a sappy rhyme

For a lady who’s fine

Carrying babies of mine

From time to time…

Don’t hurt your spine

Cutiepie Valentine

Love, Amos



Hermione Hat

Yeah, I made something else.  In one day.  This is actually for me, this hat.  I saw this pattern and loved it, so I made it because I have 80 thousand more hours until Julia is born and I’m going a little crazy at home all day by myself.  Not a lot, just a little.  No, my eye didn’t just twitch!

Knitting Mishaps…

I guess when you do something enough, no matter how long you’ve been doing it, you’re bound to make some mistakes.

Yes, these are huge.  And weird.  And very, very long.  And in the trash now!  There’s just no saving them.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but they are about 3″ below my wrist.  They’re almost like sleeves instead of mitts.  I had some issues with this pattern, but I also have never made anything for hands before, so it’s a tie!

Football Socks and Clinton Adventures

I finished Hazel's Auburn Pride Socks last night!  They are just slightly too big, which is perfect; by the time game day rolls around, they should fit nicely!  War Damn Eagle!  I was too excited to try and wait for some nice light coming in the windows, so here's a picture in the early morning blue light.

I know this is a kind of crappy picture, and it's because Hazel was staring at Monsters Inc. like she's never seen that movie.  I'm serious – take a look:  
Yep.  She's a zombie.
Luckily she eventually recovered, because we have had a busy day already!  First we met up with the gorgeous Pat Murphy for some coffee and poker.
The gamblerThe gambler

And then we got to have a delicious lunch at Nola's with Amos and Hazel's honorary aunts!  I even made them all take a picture together, although it is obvious that Hazel was interested in walking around more than posing.
Thanks, everyone, for such a beautiful day so far!  Although Amos has an awards banquet tonight (good luck, Amos and Pat, for the Excellence in Teaching Award!), Hazel and I have planned another walk, this time to the Post Office to see our friend Valerie, which will end in some outside playing time if Mama's fingers aren't frozen off.  It's sunny out today, I know, but tell it to the icicles I have for fingers 😉

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The Last Christmas Gift

Today I finished blocking the Clapotis I have been working on for my grandmother:

I love it. LOVE IT.  I want to wear it!  Obviously, I'm going to have to make myself a snuggly wrap/shawl immediately.  Bonus, I have about 5 skeins leftover from this project (Knit Picks skeins are only 50 grams – super small, really), which means that I am going to make a Feather and Fan cardigan for Hazel.  
Actually, I am finally working on a project for myself, which is called the February Lady Sweater.  I have had the yarn and buttons for this sweater since JANUARY.  That's almost an entire year ago.  This will be the third project I have ever made for myself, following a phone cover and a tampon case.  Yeah, I know – both of those things are tiny and they suck.  I have really pretty yarn, sort of a slightly heathery hunter green, with dark wooden buttons.  Now that I am done with Christmas knitting, I just have this project and a blanket for Hazel on the needles.  Wow.  I haven't been working on only two things since probably last year!  LOL
Anyway, as the school year winds down for me (only 1.5 finals and one more week of homework to go), I hope to get this finished rather quickly.  I have never made an adult-sized sweater, so I wonder how it will progress.  If the lace pattern (oh yeah – this is also lace!!  another new frontier!!!) agrees with me, then I'm going to make Hazel a matching version as well.  

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Knitting Adventures

Murphy's Law states the following:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Also, all the sweaters Laura knits for Hazel will be at least 2 sizes too big.

You may think that I added that last bit.  Well, it's always been there, but no one cared because it didn't make sense until I started knitting sweaters for Hazel and they all turned out HUGELY HUGE.

Case in point:
Knitters, you might be able to tell that this yarn in super bulky weight.  I know – not all that practical for a toddler sweater, but I had 2 skeins from the first year I started knitting, and what else could it make?  I actually had to hunt down and purchase another skein for the sleeves, but that's another story.  Anyway, it's huge.  It's a parka.  For a three-year-old.  A big three-year-old.  It's cute, and I do like the big buttons we picked out today (even if they aren't spaced evenly; that's something else I can't seem to do correctly), but I wish it fit her right now.  Next year she is going to wear a hand-knit EVERY DAY OF THE WINTER.
Also, as a side note:  when I was trying to get pictures of her in this, which is much harder than it used to be when she couldn't walk, I made her wear a plastic cup as a hat.  She wore it, which is the funny part!
Also, she liked to bend her head waaaay down and lick the top button.  I mean, it's her sweater, right?  Mama's hand-knits are cool to wear in 7 years AND taste great!  

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New Pictures

I took these two following pictures today with my iphone – that little camera really does a decent job!

Yes, that's a new pumpkin hat.  I have been dying to make one for a couple of weeks now, and since I finished that baby gift I was making and was sick this weekend, I got it done very quickly!

I love this one – her face says "I am so embarrassed right now."  Love it!!

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Hazel’s Sweater

I love this sweater.  I love the yarn, I love the colors, I love the pattern, and I love that I got the pattern all the way correct.  This will keep her warm for probably the next 4 years, because it did turn out kind of big (I've since noticed that other people had this same outcome, so I'm still counting it as being correct).

Oh, and the yarn was spun & dyed locally in New Hartford.  Pretty cool!

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Knitting and Nursing

I sit in my armchair nursing Hazel.  A LOT.

Since I have guarenteed chill time for hours everyday, and because I'm a compulsive multitasker, I usually try to knit something while I'm hanging out with her.  I chose this pinwheel blanket because of its simplicity and because I could use up some of the baby yarn in my stash which would otherwise just be donated somewhere else.  Also I got to learn how to make a ruffle with this blanket, which is totally addictive though time consuming; I went from 350 stitches to 1400 in just three rows to make the ruffle.  It took me over 2 hours to bind off on this project, but it's worth it because the ruffle is so freaking cute!

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New Scarf!

This little girl needed something to keep out the cold!!!

I was knitting this scarf to be adult-sized, but the lace pattern, while pretty, was starting to really get on my nerves.  I had knitted maybe two feet and decided today that it was now a baby scarf!  I added that cool button on one end, and since this is a lace scarf I can button it anywhere, making it the ultimate in adjustable winterwear.  

She is feeling a little better, I guess.  We had no more incidences with the bulb syringe, so that was awesome (for us both).  Hopefully we can ward off future colds with her new scarf 😉

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