The House that Sickness Built

Dudes, we have been sick up in this house.  I mean feet dragging, no appetite, taking really hot showers just so you can cough up stuff sick.  First Hazel came down with something respiratory and nasty.  After she spiked a fever at 102 I took her in to the doctor, who diagnosed her with a sinus infection.  Ok, not too horrible – two missed days of daycare spent on the couch watching movies and hanging out with Corduroy (her bear).  Kind of nice, actually, to have her home and snuggly with me, although it sucked that she was feeling bad.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and a strong cough medicine, and within a day of the first dose she was noticeably better.

And then I got sick.  All during this pregnancy it seems like I’ve kept a cold, or a sore throat, or a stomach bug.  My immune system has just been in overdrive since last June (yep, I’ve been pregnant since JUNE), so any tiny virus or bacteria that was on anyone’s anything has made me deadly ill while everyone else sailed merrily along.  At Christmas, in St. Louis, I got a pretty bad virus that presented like the flu.  The doctor there told me that no medicine would help, so I just weathered it out for two weeks or so.  Last week I felt the same – absolutely fatigued, no appetite whatsoever, hard cough, difficulty breathing, and no voice.  I didn’t go to a doctor here, expecting s/he to tell me the same thing I heard at Christmas.  When I visited my midwife, though, she sounded concerned at how hard it was for me to breathe and prescribed an antibiotic, saying that if it had been a cold it was now a bacterial infection in my lungs or chest.  I just finished the z-pack yesterday, and while I still have a hacking cough I am otherwise better.

I was looking forward to getting back to normal this week, but that’s not in the cards.  Hazel woke up with a rash on her face and lightly sprinkled across her chest; by our 11 AM doctor’s appointment it had spread all over her body, even to the soles of her feet and in between her fingers.  It was FREAKING ME OUT.  She’s never been sick like that before, and I swear every time I took her in to potty I could see it growing down her legs.  The doctor told us it was either an adverse reaction to the antibiotic she is on for her sinus infection or the hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is just a virus that makes a small fever and a rash that covers those parts of the body.

Since it got worse this morning she’s actually gotten a little better.  It’s not in her mouth and it looks a little better on those last parts of her affected, so I think it was a reaction against her antibiotic (which we gave her like normal this AM before the appointment).  I feel so sorry for her little body!

So that’s what’s been going on in the Confer household.  We have been sick, and Amos has had to make very small, very boring dinners.  I am still knitting for the breast cancer shop, although I’ve put it on hiatus until after Julia is born.  I have had some special requests via email, so I’m still working on those!  It’s been awesome, you guys.  I’m so happy people are willing to pay for these things – we’re going to raise a killer donation for the walk!

Tomorrow we go to have another ultrasound, hopefully the last one, to double check my little acrobat’s position.  We are 99% sure she’s head down, but my midwife suspects that she’s also facing up (as in facing out the same way that I do, not back into my spine like normal).  This isn’t such a big deal except that it is usually the reason behind “back labor,” which you may have heard of.  It’s supposed to be more painful.  My midwife says this is because the baby’s spine contracts down along my spine, with all those nerves getting a constant pressure during the labor.  That sounds more painful!  Anyway, I don’t really care as long as we avoid a c-section!  Tomorrow I’ll put up a picture, maybe even a video of the ultrasound!  About three more weeks (and hell, maybe less if I’m lucky)!



Happy Balentime’s Day

Hazel has been talking about Balentime’s (you locals may understand her accent to mean “Valentine’s”) Day for a couple of weeks now, mainly because she’s been a little obsessed with heart shapes.  She could recognize that shape early on/months ago, so I think she was pretty delighted to find out there is apparently a whole holiday dedicated to the heart shape.  Last week, her doctor told her she was going to listen to Hazel’s heart and asked if Hazel knew where it was, and she said it was on Valentine’s Day.  It was pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed long enough to trade Valentines with the family.  I’m super sick – again – with a horrible cold that has me wheezing all night and just staring into the distance all day.  I was up for a few hours this morning just coughing, so I didn’t get up on time to do our normal morning routine.  But I wanted to see Hazel before she went off to daycare on her first big Valentine’s Day!

We got Hazel a balloon and I knitted her a doll (better pictures of that later), and Amos got both of us very sweet cards.  Last night we all baked our favorite Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers, which will be Hazel’s special snack at her daycare party today.  Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for the two of us before kids, so I didn’t expect tons of flowers or candy.  What I did get, a goofy card with this goofy poem in the characteristic way of my husband, is way better than that:

Here’s a Valentine

with a sappy rhyme

For a lady who’s fine

Carrying babies of mine

From time to time…

Don’t hurt your spine

Cutiepie Valentine

Love, Amos


Hermione Hat

Yeah, I made something else.  In one day.  This is actually for me, this hat.  I saw this pattern and loved it, so I made it because I have 80 thousand more hours until Julia is born and I’m going a little crazy at home all day by myself.  Not a lot, just a little.  No, my eye didn’t just twitch!

Knitting Mishaps…

I guess when you do something enough, no matter how long you’ve been doing it, you’re bound to make some mistakes.

Yes, these are huge.  And weird.  And very, very long.  And in the trash now!  There’s just no saving them.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but they are about 3″ below my wrist.  They’re almost like sleeves instead of mitts.  I had some issues with this pattern, but I also have never made anything for hands before, so it’s a tie!

February Baby Sweater (technically finished in January, though)

Last semester, in school, I was all worried about what I would do in the months before Julia is born.  Hazel still goes to daycare all day, and Amos is of course gone at work, and so I’m here alone until March 15th (or April 1st, knowing how my body likes to hold on to babies).  I even borrowed some books on feminist criticism from one of my professors, so worried was I.  Well, I’ve had a humbling dose of reality, since all I’ve wanted to do since getting home from our Christmas vacation is knit!  I’ve got projects for Christmas presents, projects for friends’ new babies and kids, and some projects for Julia planned.  Last night I finished one for Julia!

This gorgeous pattern is my first lace project and was written by the master of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Her patterns are notoriously short and pithy, so I’m always really happy when I can get through one!  I had leftover yarn from a shawl I made for my grandmother last year, and so now Julia has a matching silvery lavender cardigan.


Random Hazel

What a cutie pie, right?  She’s so willing to take pictures, and so when I needed a model for this quick hat for a friend, she was more than happy to oblige!

New Knitting for the New Baby

My friend Clara gave me this gorgeous yarn right before I moved back to Alabama, and ever since I've been thinking about how awesome the yarn would be on a baby instead of as socks on my feet (it's sock yarn, I should explain).  Then, when I got pregnant, I knew the first thing I would make for the baby would be a Baby Surprise Jacket with this yarn.  This sweater is so tiny and squishy and bright!  I love this pattern; to me, it looks kind of rustic, which I think works well with this yarn.  Plus, BONUS, I had enough yarn left to make a hat!  I'll post that once I finish.
In pregnancy news, I seem to be experiencing just about every symptom there is – nausea, vomiting, food aversions, fatigue, mood swings, plus some other, slightly more (ahem) private ones.  I keep reading about pregnancy symptoms, hoping I can figure out why I feel so badly, but there's no real answer other than I'm pregnant.  Each one is different.  I just really hope all this mess passes soon; I'm ready for the more fun part of pregnancy that I miss from last time.  It should be coming soon enough!  Plus school starts in a month, and textbooks have started to roll in, so I have quite a bit to occupy my time.  I've decided to take three classes this semester and just one in the spring, when I'm due to have the baby.  I know I can do it – we just need to find a babysitter here 😉

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Football Socks and Clinton Adventures

I finished Hazel's Auburn Pride Socks last night!  They are just slightly too big, which is perfect; by the time game day rolls around, they should fit nicely!  War Damn Eagle!  I was too excited to try and wait for some nice light coming in the windows, so here's a picture in the early morning blue light.

I know this is a kind of crappy picture, and it's because Hazel was staring at Monsters Inc. like she's never seen that movie.  I'm serious – take a look:  
Yep.  She's a zombie.
Luckily she eventually recovered, because we have had a busy day already!  First we met up with the gorgeous Pat Murphy for some coffee and poker.
The gamblerThe gambler

And then we got to have a delicious lunch at Nola's with Amos and Hazel's honorary aunts!  I even made them all take a picture together, although it is obvious that Hazel was interested in walking around more than posing.
Thanks, everyone, for such a beautiful day so far!  Although Amos has an awards banquet tonight (good luck, Amos and Pat, for the Excellence in Teaching Award!), Hazel and I have planned another walk, this time to the Post Office to see our friend Valerie, which will end in some outside playing time if Mama's fingers aren't frozen off.  It's sunny out today, I know, but tell it to the icicles I have for fingers 😉

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Getting Ready for the Move

As I have very recently finished my two giant papers (30 pages I wrote!  Yes I am bragging a little!) I have had more time to focus on packing and sorting, since Hazel still goes to her sitter everyday.  Yesterday I got sorted on one of the most important parts of any big trip – the knitting.  Yes, the knitting.  I can't be driving 20 hours, then waiting a week for our stuff to meet us in Bama, without knowing how I'm going to keep these hands busy!!  :D  

Are you ready for some sock yarn porn?  I am!  These are the new sock yarns I bought recently from Knit Picks, which just arrived yesterday and deserved their own pictures!

Lovely, right?  The blue is for my feet!  Any knitter will tell you that knitting for yourself happens rarely, and when I saw this yarn I just knew that I needed it on my feet every night for the rest of my days.  The green and brown will become socks for two lucky recipients; the brown most likely for Amos, and the green as a Christmas gift for some lucky duck.
This gorgeous yarn was an awesome surprise from my friend Clara last night at knitting!
This is going to be a beautiful and fun knit for Hazel.  I'm not even sure what it will be, yet.  Maybe tights, with feet and all, or maybe a little wrap/sweater deal.  Whatever I make it is going to be super fun to knit with a yarn called Cartoon!

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It was on Sale!!!

I really couldn't help it.  See, I needed more of the blue & orange to finish a project, and then I saw the green and brown on sale, and then I added the blue because I've been wanting it for months.  Literally – two months!  ;)

Yes.  Awesome.  This is all for socks – Sock Summer 2010 starts in just a month!
Today, in our daily jaunt to the village green, I decided to take a quick snap of this gorgeous tree that is in bloom right now; I think it's a type of magnolia, but I am not sure.  I have loved these trees all my life, and one day I'll have one planted in my yard.
And the last is just a photo from after we got back home and had dinner.  

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