Impromptu Picnic

Poor old Julia had to eat sunglasses ūüėČ

It’s still very warm here, about 85 degrees and very breezy. ¬†While I am getting very excited about feeling those first true fall frosty days, it was a pleasure to eat outside, surrounded by the beauty of fall leaves, without worrying about the girls being too chilly.

Hummus, pita, salad, and tomatoes


We’ve Arrived

We have been in Kansas City for a week now. ¬†I should be able to tell you something about the place, but so far it’s been a seriously uncommon moving experience. ¬†After major hassles with all FOUR moving companies who surveyed our stuff, we ended up having to drive the goods ourselves. ¬†Actually, here’s what happened:

  1. Major electrical storm knocks down three trees onto (yes, ONto) the power lines in our backyard.
  2. Power is out at the house for three days, which means we move into my mom’s house. ¬†Amos and I pack at night, when the girls are sleeping and the inside temps of the house are not in the triple digits.
  3. We get it all packed, Amos and some friends load up, and he takes off.
  4. The girls and I spend the next four days at Mama’s, making a total of nine days at her house.
  5. Aunt Laura (Amos’s sister) flies to Huntsville to make the drive to St. Louis with us, which was immensely helpful.
  6. We spend 2 days in St. Louis, then I drive to Kansas City with the girls (Tuesday).
  7. We arrive, get groceries, get Amos from the airport, get settled down for the night, and Amos starts throwing up.
  8. He’s sick all night with a fever, chills, and of course dry heaving. ¬†He still goes to work the next day (Wednesday).
  9. Thursday I start throwing up, have a fever and chills all day, and watch the girls all day.  Did I mention we had just arrived and had barely unpacked?
  10. I get mostly better and am starving, so we get Vietnamese (Friday night). ¬†We make it home just in time for me to be sick again; Hazel wakes us up at 1:30 AM, noodles in her hair, because she’s thrown up for the first time in her short little life. ¬†Amos hits Wal-Mart at 2 AM for Motrin and Pedialyte while I keep Hazel awake, reading stories, so I can rush her to the bathroom when necessary. ¬†They fall asleep around 4 AM, and I do around 5:30 AM.
We had such a crazy, crazy, insane, weird time moving here, and as you can see family involvement was integral to the process (thanks again, people)! ¬†So, do we like Kansas City? ¬†Um, yep! ¬†Although Saturday we spent mostly around the house, since people were still kind of pukey, on Sunday we managed to have a right lovely time. ¬†We drove up to Loose Park, which is this gorgeous 75-acre gleaming hamlet smack in the middle of the city. ¬†Hazel, Amos, and I pushed Julia through the trees and over bridges while we talked about the things we saw, and we just enjoyed being outside together. ¬†Plus, it was Julia’s first time riding in an umbrella stroller, and I was majorly excited about it! ¬†It was VITAL to my baby time with Hazel; she and I walked all over Clinton, so much so that I actually wore out the first umbrella stroller we had. ¬†We had to rig up a little scarf under Julia’s armpits, though, in case she tried to lunge out. ¬†When Hazel was this age it was the freezing beginning of winter in upstate NY, and she was so wedged in by blankets, snowsuits, and knit sweaters that she couldn’t have leapt out if she’d tried!
Following the park we treated ourselves to small cups at Glace, the best ice creamery I’ve ever visited. ¬†Each small cup has space for two flavors, which I just love. ¬†I got Fleur de Sel Caramel and Basil Lemon Sorbet. ¬†Amos tried Lemon Verbena and Pineapple Cilantro Sorbet (those two were my favorites!), and Hazel chose Blueberry Cream Cheese and Blackberry Chocolate Chip based on their colors. ¬†We all had a grand time trying each other’s.

Fall in Clinton

A few more fall photos, this time from the village green in Clinton; these were extremely difficult to take, since I had a one-year-old who was kind of walking by herself (but not really, for whatever reason this morning) and a purse slung over my back.  So, they aren't the greatest, but the trees are pretty.  

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New Camera Action

A few shots with the new camera…nothing fancy, just walking around seeing what I can see.  This is the first camera where the auto setting is actually worth using ūüėČ

This type of tree is one of my favorites.  I remember playing in my friend's yard as a kid in Auburn, always climbing this tree to smell the blossoms.  I don't even know what kind of tree it is.

A crow walking around the steps of the gazebo in the park.

My goofy husband being a rather unwilling model.

We were in the park to play backgammon.  We have been keeping score for about two or three years now.  He has more single gammons but I've won more triple gammons — I live on the edge!

And Amos holding the pair of crib shoes I bought to bring Hazel home from the hospital.  One of the crafty websites I visit,, is having a little photo contest about what inspires you, so I took this photo as my entry.  

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