I’ve been gone for a while, but all that hard work has paid off in the form of not very ripped-up papers and some hard-earned grades.  Now I’m feeling the 80 degree heat here in Jersey, and I’m looking forward to the summer.  These three monkeys are too!

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I have been thinking lately about the act of looking, and specifically all the things we do that interfere with that gaze.  TV, the phone, even books – all the things we do that disrupt that looking and focus our attention elsewhere.  I confess, I have been reading and loving Woolf, and I can tell the impact her writing has had on me.

At any rate, today I took Julia out in the yard to enjoy the beautiful weather, and I took my camera, and I just watched her watching the cars, investigating the grass, following the sounds of birds and rustling leaves.  It was a lovely time; very little babies are refreshingly unaware of being watched, especially with a camera.

And then Hazel and Amos came home from preschool and work, respectively…

And that changed things quite a bit!


Right now I’m eating dinner, editing photos, watching the girls take a bath, and writing this post.  Busy isn’t even the right word; it carries no sense of imminent doom or driving impetus to finish work that more closely resembles the four horsemen of the apocalypse than it does motivation.  But look at this girl; I just had to share.

It’s like crack to me.

The girls and I arrived home today after a long stay with my mama in Alabama.  I’m exhausted and thrilled to be home, full of ideas and plans and things that must be done, one of which is editing the hundreds – seriously – of photos that have accumulated since last August.  I did a little weeding through my pile, tossing out some of the really bad, blurry jobs, and I just had to go ahead and edit this one.  I mean, LOOK AT HER BOOTY ROLLS, Y’ALL.  They were calling to me.

First Christmas

Catching Up

playingJuice Face





Same Baby?

I was editing pictures and came across a new one of Julia.  Does she, or does she not, look quite a bit like Hazel at around the same age?  It’s truly unbelievable how similarly beautiful these two girls are.  Do you know which one is which?

Photo Update!

I’m working on pictures and I haven’t gotten to all of them, but I did edit this cutie today (which was taken yesterday).  Isn’t she growing so, so quickly?

Whew – okay.

Dudes, I know it’s been a while.  The tornadoes that ripped through here, although they did not touch down in our area (SO GRATEFUL), disrupted our lives for a bit.  Our internet and phones did not work for several days afterwards, and that Saturday we decided to head up to St. Louis.  We just got back a couple of days ago, and I’ve been in a tizzy doing all kinds of house-stuff since then.  I have a bunch of photos and video that I want to put up, but I have to edit them first.  So, a quick update:  we are all awesome, with some potentially new fun work stuff (Amos) and school stuff (moi) on our horizon; we tried and loved Ethiopian food, especially Hazel who sampled a bit from every dish on the table, including her Aunt Laura’s; Julia is the smiliest baby I’ve ever met, again including Hazel; and I got cleared to exercise again, which I’m very excited about.  Whew!  Ok, here’s a photo to tide you over, and I’ll be back soon with regular postings and more photos!

Smiling ❤

Portraits of Julia

I have tried again to take portraits of Julia, and I think this time we had better success.  She was very relaxed and bright-eyed, and I am happy with the results!  To me this pictures are more personal than the ones you usually see of babies this small; big, goofy hats and cute, printed backgrounds might be fun, but I think they distract from the actual baby’s features and personality.  I don’t even like staying in color; she’s a tiny newborn whose color is still quite red, and that takes away from her expressions, which is why these are mostly in black and white.  I can’t decide which one I’m going to print and hang up on our wall!


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