I’m hiding my cameras.

Hazel has recently expressed interest in touching my cameras  taking pictures.  I have to fight against every self-preservation instinct to snatch it out of her hands, my hands doing a little puppet-show-pantomime as I reach to steady, but pull back, again and again, but I don’t want to stifle her creativity.  I think she’s doing a smashing job, eh?  These are the only couple of photos she’s taken of actual people; far more, far, FAR more, have been of the carpet.


Portraits of Julia

I have tried again to take portraits of Julia, and I think this time we had better success.  She was very relaxed and bright-eyed, and I am happy with the results!  To me this pictures are more personal than the ones you usually see of babies this small; big, goofy hats and cute, printed backgrounds might be fun, but I think they distract from the actual baby’s features and personality.  I don’t even like staying in color; she’s a tiny newborn whose color is still quite red, and that takes away from her expressions, which is why these are mostly in black and white.  I can’t decide which one I’m going to print and hang up on our wall!


Four Days Old

Photographing a newborn is quite a bit harder than I thought, especially when it’s your own child.

This morning we were having a little quiet time, so I thought I would drag out my photo stuff and take some nicer portraits of Julia.  That only means setting up a background and putting together my nice, big, SLR that I never get to use these days.  SUPER fun sounding!  But the reality was a little harder.  Bending over, getting Julia all naked and ready, and trying to comfort her and get in nice angles strained all those muscles that are very sore from pushing.  I didn’t try for very long because my back hurt so badly and she was just crying, but I did get just a couple that I like well enough.



Today’s the Day

Today is officially my due date.

And because I know that only 10% of women deliver on their due dates, I'm pretty sure that will not be happening today.

Every day for the past two weeks (and maybe the week before that, secretly) I have hoped and thought about going into labor.  We even had that great false alarm, and after that I was so convinced it would be the very next day…or the next one…or the one after that.  But here I am, baby still firmly ensconced in my ideal uterine environment, waiting it out.  That pins and needles feeling is gone for today, which is kind of nice and kind of sucky at the same time.  I do feel like I should get some cake and ice cream today, though.  Did anyone else feel that way, like you waited so long for this day and something should happen??

Actually I did get a little treat today in the mail!  Not cake and ice cream, but the new camera strap I ordered to protect the Nikon D80.  I bought one years ago for my Nikon 8700 and love it, so I got myself another one to match!  I ordered these from Heyday Fashion; her shop's a bit empty right now, as she just got back from maternity leave, but she makes some of the cutest things.  The black "funfetti," as it's called, is the new one and matches the pink funfetti one of years past.

Speaking of photography…
I am working on going completely freelance and setting up my own business.  I don't want to say too much yet, but it's in the works.  

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In the Meantime

I guess it's official – she is totally not making an appearance this week.  I feel fine, the doctor said I'm not dilated (even though the hospital nurse said I was), so I guess I need to stop feeling like I'm waiting for an alarm to go off.  Mainly I've been knitting.  The repetitive motions are relaxing and allow me to expel all that extra energy that I would be using jiggling my knees, plus I get either Christmas gifts or new stuff for me out of it!

Here's the latest, a very simple double yarn over scarf made with very pretty and very much on sale Debbie Mumm yarn from JoAnn's.  This is going to my little brother's girlfriend Leah for Christmas.  The colors are beautiful, and

 I think it will look good on her, so I'm giving it away even though I'm tempted to keep it!  I bought one skein too many, so I can't decide whether to make a matching hat or fingerless mitts, or maybe try for a baby sweater out of it…who knows??

I also got a big box of Villager things to photograph yesterday.  Seriously, I think there's maybe 17 little goodies in there.  Only five items were for the website, though; the others will be grouped together in a Christmas mailer which is going to be beautiful.  Seriously, the template is gorgeous.  Anyway, my favorite item was this bunny head pin from designer Kristin Lora.  She makes these great off-the-wall pieces that always grab my attention.  For this piece I just happened to have some beautiful, pale blue, wood grain paper, and I adore how the photos came out.  They make me want to buy the piece, and I'm the one who took the photos!!  

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New Product Photos – Santa Fe Stoneworks

We featured these knives at the Villager for the first time shortly before Amos and I moved to New York.  I love the detail put into every facet of the construction.  The handles are smooth and balanced, with the blade being every bit as beautiful.  I'm hoping to get a pocket knife of this style for my grandpa for Christmas.

This is probably my favorite handle style.  It really is that golden color with green shot through, and on the side like this you can see all the layers of green in the handle.  I chose a golden background to match the honey color of the wood.

This is a close-up of the marble handle of a wine opener.  The intricate pattern of the marble is truly breathtaking, and I used this textured green paper background to highlight all the earth tones of the stone.

This knife features Damascus steel, which is pressed over and over to create this pattern and a very strong blade.  I photographed this knife using some day-old bread we had from Amos's recent baking spree.

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End of Travels and (almost) Work

So the fam is back in Bama today.  We took Momma and Josh to the airport this morning after eating sausage links and thick waffles at a diner close to the airport.  Despite the 40 degree temperatures and rainy, overcast, lame skies, we had a pretty good relaxing time.  We shopped, walked, ate out, and vegged out while watching movies.  Overall, good times, just more low-key than I'm used to.  I think that worked for them too though.  Can you tell that I'm still really tired, lol?  I feel exhausted!!

In other news, I am getting close to the end of my serving career at Nola's.  This weekend it's business as usual, since the college in our little village has graduation on Sunday.  Next week, however, I'll be working with someone everyday instead of being the only waitress, and the week after that I'll have two shifts a week max with two shifts as a hostess that will continue probably up until the baby is born.  Part of me is looking forward to the extra time.  I have a list of huge projects that I want to finish before she arrives, including chores like cleaning out closets and fun stuff like finishing up the felt book I'm making for her.   Also, lately my feet have had some pretty bad pains (real pains, not the typical aching and soreness that most people mean when they say foot pain) all the time, not just after work, so hopefully that will let up too.  On the other hand, I'm generally less happy when I'm not working.  Granted, I'll still be doing product photos, and housework, and all the other assorted little things I do, but I like to be busy.  Frantic, almost.  Honestly!  I suspect that my listlessness and purposelessness will fade somewhat after Hazel's here, just because my activity level will probably jump back up to "frantic."  I guess I'm just having some conflict over being a SAHM (really Work AHM, since I have always and will always do photos) that still needs some more exploration.

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I just bought a Nikon D80.

Excitement and anxiety are close cousins – both make you feel a little dizzy, like you're going to faint.
On the one hand, amazing, awesome, camera that I won't replace for years.
On the other, the price tag.

I'm excited!  But also still reeling!!

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Louel Boutique

As of June or so, I will not be working at the restaurant anymore.  I've been planning to stay at home with the baby and focus more on photography, which I have kind of taken a break from recently.  In that spirit, I landed a new client this past week!  I'll be helping Lauren, owner of the Louel Boutique here in Clinton, by taking all her product/misc photos for her new website, promo material, and other misc uses.  She is an adorable, gorgeous, sweet person, and I cannot wait to work with her.

We did a test shoot last Sunday, just to try some things out and see how we work together.  For the splash pages on her website she wants this kind of natural, dreamy photos of women wearing the clothing she sells, so for the test shoot she modeled for me.  She is a model herself, so the photos turned out pretty well.  Here are a couple of my favorites, and you can expect a lot more in the days to come.

(Bonus news — a digital SLR, specifically a Nikon D40 or D80, is in the works for me!! *freakout.a.thon*)

I love these photos – she is a gorgeous model, and we captured the dreaminess that she wanted in these particular photos.  I love how she made herself part of the scene, instead of a model in the woods.  I am going to love working with her, I can already tell!!

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New Villager Photos

I got another package from the Villager earlier this week, but only had time to photograph/edit the items today.  Luckily there were only four products, so it didn't take long. 

This is a tiny spatula made especially for brownies.  Pretty adorable!

This is a pendant/pin made of found objects, recalling the 1920s and 1930s. 

This blown glass ring stand is made by hand and features my wedding rings in the photo, hahaha.

This pair of earrings is from Elements, made by Jill Schwartz, a longtime artist featured at the Villager.

Even though I have been photographing products for the Villager for a couple of years now, I think most people forget that I do this.  This avenue of photography is probably what I am best at, though. 

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