Her sweet, wispy hair wavers between blond and brown, a kind of burnished, aged gold.  She is always happy to wake up, always excited to gaze at the cars passing by when we open up the blinds to let in the morning sun.  That little curl in the back just does me in.


My Big Kid

Yesterday we went to an art fair at the Kansas City Plaza.  It’s this fancy area, with all these expensive shops, fancy restaurants, and ornate architecture.  All Hazel wanted to do, though, was walk down by the river to see the ducks and “walk on those cool rocks,” and all Amos and I wanted to do was walk with her.


Daily Hazel

When you take as many pictures as I do, you’re bound to end up with some crazy faces in the mix.  I think this one was a split-second reaction to me denying her request to take (more) pictures with my camera.  So funny/sad/cute ❤

Ms. Pouty McPouterson at your service

Daily Julia


Happy 3-month birthday to our cutie Jules!!  Every parent thinks their child’s life passes quickly, but I’m caught in this fugue state; she seems so young, but at the same time I feel like she’s always been here with us.  I wish everyone who looks at this blog could meet her in person.  I have never met such a sweetly tempered baby, who coos and laughs all the time at such a young age.

Same Baby?

I was editing pictures and came across a new one of Julia.  Does she, or does she not, look quite a bit like Hazel at around the same age?  It’s truly unbelievable how similarly beautiful these two girls are.  Do you know which one is which?

Lovely Weekend

We just had the most amazing meal.  Seriously – it was fantastic.  Amos and I invited our friend Katrina and her fun kids over for dinner, and we all had such a great time tonight!  Even before the meal actually happened, though, Amos and I had the best weekend getting ready for it.  What can I say – we go to grocery stores for fun.  On the menu tonight was an antipasto platter as a first course, which had salted almonds, water crackers, roasted red peppers, anchovies, chevre, a tomato and lupini bean salad, a drunken (merlot) goat cheese, and a porter cheddar.  As a main course we had Amos’s signature bacon anchovy sauce over spaghetti rigatti with shaved pecorino romano and a caponata with Amos’s homemade bread.  Served with all this loveliness was my favorite sauvignon blanc and a new chianti, which was awesome and velvety and just wonderful with this dish.  It was massive amounts of fun, and I can’t wait until we get to do this again.

I’ll leave you with one more picture of Julia.  Our baby girl is growing so quickly and beautifully that I can hardly believe it.  But that’s the way with babies, isn’t it?

Photo Update!

I’m working on pictures and I haven’t gotten to all of them, but I did edit this cutie today (which was taken yesterday).  Isn’t she growing so, so quickly?

Whew – okay.

Dudes, I know it’s been a while.  The tornadoes that ripped through here, although they did not touch down in our area (SO GRATEFUL), disrupted our lives for a bit.  Our internet and phones did not work for several days afterwards, and that Saturday we decided to head up to St. Louis.  We just got back a couple of days ago, and I’ve been in a tizzy doing all kinds of house-stuff since then.  I have a bunch of photos and video that I want to put up, but I have to edit them first.  So, a quick update:  we are all awesome, with some potentially new fun work stuff (Amos) and school stuff (moi) on our horizon; we tried and loved Ethiopian food, especially Hazel who sampled a bit from every dish on the table, including her Aunt Laura’s; Julia is the smiliest baby I’ve ever met, again including Hazel; and I got cleared to exercise again, which I’m very excited about.  Whew!  Ok, here’s a photo to tide you over, and I’ll be back soon with regular postings and more photos!

Smiling ❤


Today Hazel got to participate in her first egg hunt, and let me tell you – she had a great time!  We have been talking about dying eggs for a couple of days, so she was more than ready to get to the fun this morning.  Although we were careful with the dying, and she mostly just watched this year, she was very happy to dictate all the color choices and messages/decorations in wax on the eggs.  We took our boiled eggs and combined them with Nana’s plastic ones, and those kids got to hunt probably 40 eggs this year (which was fortunate, since we had four kids looking for eggs in one yard).  I think we’ll probably be doing egg hunts for another month or so until Hazel moves on to another fun game.

As usual for our family, we also had to make some Old Lady Crabble eggs as well as the colorful ones.  Here’s the rub on Old Lady Crabble:  when Amos’s grandpa Barney was a boy, he had a mean neighbor they called Old Lady Crabble, and she hated children.  One year she stole all their Easter eggs and replaced them with ugly black eggs.  Upon seeing the tears and sniffles of all the kids, she had a change of heart and brought back their colored eggs, telling them that the Easter Bunny made a mistake by delivering the black eggs meant for her to their house instead.  Every year, now, his family makes at least one Old Lady Crabble egg, which is the prized egg at the hunt.  Now that Hazel is a bit older Amos was really excited to introduce the story to her.  She seemed to think it was hilarious, telling me that Old Crabble was “mean, mean, mean” to her grandpa and then she had to say (spoken in a teeny, creaky voice), “I’m sooooorrrrryyyy.”  We also dyed some colorful eggs for my family’s egg hunt.  The grandkids got to hunt down tons of plastic and real eggs hidden in Nana and Papaw’s yard, and then we had a nice dinner together.  Hazel and I took over dessert this year and made an orange cake with strawberry orange frosting.  I was proud of that cake; it’s the first one that I’ve made completely from scratch, and I think it turned out well.  I’d show you a picture, but we ate all the evidence of that cake’s existence!

What We’re Eating

A couple of weeks ago, some new friends invited us over for dinner and served this awesome lamb, cooked long and slow on the grill.  Amos talked to the wife, who’s Australian, about the food from that area (I guess lamb is a bit more common there, and not the dried out variety served with mint jelly), and he was inspired to make lamb himself.  Today he spent hours in the kitchen making this lovely dinner:  braised lamb shank, stewed carrots and tomatoes, and an Israeli couscous and black rice salad with pumpkin seeds.  That sweetheart even made a dessert on the fly; using canned pears and peaches from my grandma, he made a kind of cobbler with a cinnamon and oat bran crust.  The dinner was amazing, and his doing all the washing up was just beyond awesome.

Hazel was pretty excited about our dinner, too!  That is her normal face for pictures now, apparently.  In real life she’s saying, “cheeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssse” until you take the picture.  Seriously, she will not break character until you turn the camera around and show her the picture.  One day, when she asks why we only kept the weird pictures of her during this time period, we will delight in telling her that this is all on her!

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