What a Big Girl <3

Today Hazel shut herself up in our room about 12:45 p.m., which is about 15 minutes before her normal naptime.  We just decided to leave her in there, since she wasn't crying or anything, and seemed to be playing quietly.  After about half an hour we realized that it was completely quiet, so I snuck in to the room to take a picture of the first time Hazel put herself down for a nap.

Only after I got in there did I realize that she was having a fashion show in her bed before finally conking out.  She even put on her own shoes, on the right feet and everything.  It's just adorable!

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This is how bedtime goes.

As you may know, Amos and I have been pretty strict in a bedtime routine for Hazel.  We started giving her a bath and reading The Goodnight Book when she was about 6 weeks old.  Gradually she got to the point where she understands as soon as we take off her clothes for the tub that it's bedtime.  Now she's so used to the routine that we can have a little fun without making her fight sleeping!  

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Dear Hazel,

Trust me when I say that you only slept for 15 minutes.  It's not time to get out of the crib.  You are supposed to sleep for 2 whole hours.  I know how to read a clock; you don't, yet.  I love you, but I am not going to consider your job as "baby" fulfilled until you nap the remaining hour and 45 minutes.

Mama, aka your boss lady

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I'll just get right to it – Hazel took her first steps yesterday!!  In an AT&T store, which just makes me feel like a big yuppie dork.  Amos and I went to Syracuse yesterday to replace our pretty old, battery-not-working, scratched-up cell phones with iphones.  Amos has a student who works there, and he was nice enough to cut us a deal, so we went all the way out there in a flurry yesterday afternoon.  The flurry part was my fault.  I just wanted to get it over with, plus we needed to go to the mall out there anyway (actually, turns out we didn't, but we didn't know that until we got there). While in AT&T, Hazel and I had a lot of time on our hands, so I took her out of the stroller & let her practice walking.  She just seemed like she wanted to run away from me, and since I had not had any garlic, beans, vinegary products that day, I thought she might be ready to try  walking on her own.  And she did!  She walked back and forth between the two of us.  She walks really fast, all leaned forward, and laughs the whole time.  Luckily this happened yesterday, because she's cutting another new tooth (#5 is completely out now) and was acting like someone coming off methadone.

Needless to say I did not get a photo, or video.  But we will soon, I'm sure.  For now, you can just take this photo as evidence that she was indeed alive yesterday.  (Oh, and we flipped her car seat around yesterday too, which I think she liked.)

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Trying to Escape

Hazel was taking a nap yesterday, and after a few minutes of fussing finally settled down.  I went in just to check on her and this is what I saw:

WTF?!?!!!!  She was fine!  Just smooshed against the bars with her arms and legs hanging out.  She just looked at me when I came in, smiled for a second, then just looked away.  I almost had a coronary, and she's just pleased as you can be.  Since she was ok I HAD to get a picture of this, just had to!

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Gratuitous Hazel

Smiling.  Being silly.  Pretending to talk.  These are things we do all day!

In other news, we are trying a new naptime schedule.  Up till now I've been relaxed about nursing/nap schedules; I let her tell me when she's hungry, which has worked out wonderfully, and we had her on an ironclad bath & nighttime routine by 4 weeks, which still is awesome.  Day time sleeping, however, is another story.  She hasn't ever been a big napper, falling asleep for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, then being ferociously insane by about 6 or 6.30 pm.  Maybe I'm just blind, but I didn't realize that maybe she needed a good nap – Amos brought it up, tentatively to give him credit, that probably I needed to get her to sleep during the day.  

Lo and behold, it freaking worked!  Yesterday, after only an hour of cajoling, I got her to take a three-hour nap.  Today we got thrown a little off schedule, since the solid nap caused her to not sleep as late this morning, but we are working on it.  I found that if I nursed her in keeping with the nighttime routine (on our bed, lying down, curtains drawn, instead of in the living room with lights on) she more readily went down to sleep.  Maybe that sequence triggered "sleep time" for her?  Anyway it was awesome.  By this time next week I hope to have a routine in place like we do for bedtime.

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Too Cute

This girl has some crazy dream faces…fortunately for us her smiley face is one of them!  It's like a preview for when she does actually smile at us.  I managed to snap a blurry photo of it and had to share; she is just way too adorable for words!!!  <3

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