Couldn’t Resist!

Isn’t she lovely???  I just had to put this up even though I took this picture seriously two minutes after I posted about swimming.  It was right before she had a total meltdown, too.  She had to have shots today, THREE f**king shots in her two legs, and she started screaming after this.  It was heartbreaking.  I ran out to buy some infant Tylenol (we have 78 bottles of the children’s, but no infant), and now she’s mostly asleep in her crib, but wakes up every now and again, just enough to whimper.  It’s so, so sad.


Whew – okay.

Dudes, I know it’s been a while.  The tornadoes that ripped through here, although they did not touch down in our area (SO GRATEFUL), disrupted our lives for a bit.  Our internet and phones did not work for several days afterwards, and that Saturday we decided to head up to St. Louis.  We just got back a couple of days ago, and I’ve been in a tizzy doing all kinds of house-stuff since then.  I have a bunch of photos and video that I want to put up, but I have to edit them first.  So, a quick update:  we are all awesome, with some potentially new fun work stuff (Amos) and school stuff (moi) on our horizon; we tried and loved Ethiopian food, especially Hazel who sampled a bit from every dish on the table, including her Aunt Laura’s; Julia is the smiliest baby I’ve ever met, again including Hazel; and I got cleared to exercise again, which I’m very excited about.  Whew!  Ok, here’s a photo to tide you over, and I’ll be back soon with regular postings and more photos!

Smiling ❤

Pajama Days

…are the best days.  Yesterday my girl spent the day in her little footie things, and today's looking like it will happen again.  She's just about to outgrow a whole set of these footie pj's, so I'm going to let her get the most out of them!

3 months3 months3 months

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I managed to score a decent photo of this:

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She Smiled!

Yesterday she smiled for the first time ❤

I had some suspicions of smiles before, but this was definitely different.  I was playing with her around 9 am, wiggling her nose with my finger, and suddenly she grinned at me!  She did it three separate times, even doing a repeat performance later that night for Amos.  I haven't managed to snap a photo…yet.  Rest assured it'll be up on here like white on rice when I do!

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Too Cute

This girl has some crazy dream faces…fortunately for us her smiley face is one of them!  It's like a preview for when she does actually smile at us.  I managed to snap a blurry photo of it and had to share; she is just way too adorable for words!!!  <3

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