Her sweet, wispy hair wavers between blond and brown, a kind of burnished, aged gold.  She is always happy to wake up, always excited to gaze at the cars passing by when we open up the blinds to let in the morning sun.  That little curl in the back just does me in.


It’s like crack to me.

The girls and I arrived home today after a long stay with my mama in Alabama.  I’m exhausted and thrilled to be home, full of ideas and plans and things that must be done, one of which is editing the hundreds – seriously – of photos that have accumulated since last August.  I did a little weeding through my pile, tossing out some of the really bad, blurry jobs, and I just had to go ahead and edit this one.  I mean, LOOK AT HER BOOTY ROLLS, Y’ALL.  They were calling to me.

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Two Months & Talking

Well, not English, exactly, but Julia has been very talkative lately.  She’s such a social child, very engaged given her young age.  I don’t remember Hazel being so chatty – but I was also quite a bit more sleep deprived when Hazel was two months old!  This is a sweet video I took of her on Friday, when Amos was away on a trip to Kansas City.  Julia and I were having a nice conversation, and through the magic of video we could share it with him (and you!).

Couldn’t Resist!

Isn’t she lovely???  I just had to put this up even though I took this picture seriously two minutes after I posted about swimming.  It was right before she had a total meltdown, too.  She had to have shots today, THREE f**king shots in her two legs, and she started screaming after this.  It was heartbreaking.  I ran out to buy some infant Tylenol (we have 78 bottles of the children’s, but no infant), and now she’s mostly asleep in her crib, but wakes up every now and again, just enough to whimper.  It’s so, so sad.

Video – Hazel reads to Julia

I took this sweet video of Hazel reading to Julia (kind of) earlier this evening.  It was so adorable ❤

This was before Hazel’s epic meltdown at my mom’s, and before I barely hung on to my sanity as I shoved a screaming, kicking toddler in the backseat beside a somehow peacefully, dead asleep newborn.  Luckily Hazel’s behavior had more to do with sleepiness than it did with any kind of sibling jealousy; Hazel’s been fighting her naps at daycare recently, and she kept saying that she was tired instead of apologizing for something small she did (it escalated from the not-apologizing to warfare).  I know it’s only been two weeks, but I feel like Hazel is adjusting to Julia’s presence very well.  Most of the time she treats Julia like you can see in the video; she’s attentive, sweet, wants to read to her and give her toys.  Those of you in the know will see that Julia is draped in Hazel’s two prize possessions, the only two things we swore she wouldn’t have to share – Corduroy and her pink blanket.  My thoughtful firstborn insisted on covering Julia by herself, thank you very much, and was reading her book about being a big sister to Julia when I thought to get the camera.  I’m really proud of how she’s been handling the baby.  Even when we do something boring like change her diaper Hazel wants to be there and at least watch what’s going on.  It’s really adorable and makes us (Amos and I) really happy.

Happy Balentime’s Day

Hazel has been talking about Balentime’s (you locals may understand her accent to mean “Valentine’s”) Day for a couple of weeks now, mainly because she’s been a little obsessed with heart shapes.  She could recognize that shape early on/months ago, so I think she was pretty delighted to find out there is apparently a whole holiday dedicated to the heart shape.  Last week, her doctor told her she was going to listen to Hazel’s heart and asked if Hazel knew where it was, and she said it was on Valentine’s Day.  It was pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I peeled myself out of bed long enough to trade Valentines with the family.  I’m super sick – again – with a horrible cold that has me wheezing all night and just staring into the distance all day.  I was up for a few hours this morning just coughing, so I didn’t get up on time to do our normal morning routine.  But I wanted to see Hazel before she went off to daycare on her first big Valentine’s Day!

We got Hazel a balloon and I knitted her a doll (better pictures of that later), and Amos got both of us very sweet cards.  Last night we all baked our favorite Buttermilk Snickerdoodlers, which will be Hazel’s special snack at her daycare party today.  Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for the two of us before kids, so I didn’t expect tons of flowers or candy.  What I did get, a goofy card with this goofy poem in the characteristic way of my husband, is way better than that:

Here’s a Valentine

with a sappy rhyme

For a lady who’s fine

Carrying babies of mine

From time to time…

Don’t hurt your spine

Cutiepie Valentine

Love, Amos


Dear Santa

Tonight Hazel and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to write a letter to Santa Claus.  She’s very into Santa and Christmas trees right now, and when I broached the idea of writing Santa a letter in the mail Hazel was overjoyed.  Amos and I helped her out a bit with the content, but it should be pretty clear which sentences were Hazel’s idea.

It may be hard to read, so here’s a transcript:

Dear Santa,

Do you want to sing the ABC song?  Our neighbor has a statue of you.  I love Christmas!  I like jingle bells, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights.  Thank you for having Christmas.  Santa is my friend.

Love, Hazel

Underneath there you can see where Hazel drew “letters” for Santa.  All those zigzags are how she draws ABCs!  After that we sat down and had a nice chai tea.  She’s been expressing interest in drinking our coffee and tea lately (most of which is decaf).  We have let her have sips now and then, and tonight I gave her a little of my tea in her own cup.  It was adorable.

What a Big Girl <3

Today Hazel shut herself up in our room about 12:45 p.m., which is about 15 minutes before her normal naptime.  We just decided to leave her in there, since she wasn't crying or anything, and seemed to be playing quietly.  After about half an hour we realized that it was completely quiet, so I snuck in to the room to take a picture of the first time Hazel put herself down for a nap.

Only after I got in there did I realize that she was having a fashion show in her bed before finally conking out.  She even put on her own shoes, on the right feet and everything.  It's just adorable!

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Holy Moly! It’s 2010!

The New Year is just ringing in on this old blog, I'm afraid.  I know it's been a while, but I have a good reason – travel/Christmas/travel/workschoolbaby.  Yep, that is one legitimate reason!

We drove to Athens again for the holidays, but this time didn't venture further than the Target in Madison.  We had a Nana recovering from breast cancer & chemo, plus a new little nephew named Henry, so we kept travel to a new minimum (besides the whole 1000-mile trip down there, I mean).  It was nice, although we really missed Amos's family in St. Louis.  The visit was super fun in the family style – lots of Wii playing, baby tickling, and Henry-holding (for other people – I had strep AND a sinus infection for over half the visit, so I just stalked him from a distance).  Actually, we were all sick at one point or another.  All except Amos, I mean.  He seriously must have a secret treaty with all bacteria and viruses, because he rarely gets sick.  The pollen attack him something fierce, though, and I admit to laughing a little, because every sniffle Hazel brings home turns into the viral plague for me.  Justice!
But I digress.  I'm writing because I have about 2 months worth of photos to edit STILL, and now they include some Christmasy ones.  I'm just going to post this one and call it an afternoon.  This semester I'm taking a British literature course featuring writers from the 16-1700s and also a Chaucer course.  So, on a little break from Middle English (stretching on about 20 minutes now) I dumped my photo card contents onto my desktop, browsed through, saw this adorable photo, and started missing Hazel like crazy.  She was just so damn excited about this train, you guys.  She was FREAKING OUT in the store, and everything there was all "awww, look at that cutie!  Look at her sweater!  It must be handknit by her proud, talented mother!"  The last two lines may have been running through my mind only, I can't remember for sure because of the viral war going on in my head at the time, but that's how I choose to remember it.
So, blurry or not, here's a taste test of the photos I swear to Fred Sanford I will put up this weekend:

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Another video, taken last week, where I'm tickling Hazel.  This was a brief respite in the middle of hell-week, which is my affectionate name for the week(s) she's cutting 2 teeth that refuse to break through the thin tissue of her gums.  YAY.  But she was happy here, for a bit, and it's adorable.

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