Her sweet, wispy hair wavers between blond and brown, a kind of burnished, aged gold.  She is always happy to wake up, always excited to gaze at the cars passing by when we open up the blinds to let in the morning sun.  That little curl in the back just does me in.


Daily Hazel

Every morning we go outside and water the plants that we are growing in our backyard.  Hazel helped us choose each plant, and even picked which flowers were her special ones beside her lawn chair.  I love doing this in the morning with her; we check on all our friends, give them a little shower, and then begin our day.

Random Hazel

What a cutie pie, right?  She’s so willing to take pictures, and so when I needed a model for this quick hat for a friend, she was more than happy to oblige!


There are some moments when you KNOW you are a parent.  I’m not talking about the fun ones; the birth (well, fun/traumatic), first steps or words, the first time your child calls you “Mama.”  I’m talking about those horrific moments that could be used to scare people into using seven methods of birth control every time they take a romp in the hay.  Tonight I had one of those moments.  It involves potty training.  Yep, it’s a poop story.

We are trying to teach Hazel to use the potty, and she has made a lot of progress with pee-peeing, but seems to be afraid of pooping in there.  She talks about it, and lately she’s been trying to poop, but so far nothing doing.  Tonight I had her on before running her bath.  She pee-peed and tried to poop, after telling us she had to do both, but again nothing happened with #2.  I took her off, wiped, and let her stand beside me sitting on the side of the tub while running her bath.  Bubbles were added, toys were brought down, and Hazel slipped into the bubbles like normal.  Amos appeared right after that, as I was standing up.  His face formed a perfect mask of surprise, and his finger quivered with the alertness of a trained hunting dog.  My eyes fell from face, to finger, to floor, only to see two very small poops on the floor.  My heel was in one, and the other was closer to the faucet side of the tub where Hazel had been waiting.  Yep, in trying to poop on the potty, Hazel had failed to recognize that she actually did need to go, and in the maybe two minutes between me wiping her and putting her in the tub, this happened.  I don’t even think she was aware of it; they were very, very small.  But still gross.

I think you truly know you’re a parent when you cast your gaze down to the floor and see your foot in poop, while your husband laughs hysterically and your two-year-old repeatedly says, “Mommy step in Hazel’s poop?”

Birthday Girl!

Hazel is officially a toddler, or a kid, or something.  All I know is she's not a baby, and I might be more upset by it if I wasn't currently working on another baby.  We had a nice little party for her on Saturday.  Mostly the guests were family, although one of our neighbors stopped by as well.  Everyone was really awesome about keeping our family's sensibilities in mind, meaning that Hazel received no toys covered in SpongeBob or that little girl with the bowl cut (Dora?).  I was really proud and happy about that 🙂

So here are a few pictures.  This party was very low-key; basically we just had lunch, most of which was either very easy (pasta salad with a vinaigrette) or made by someone else (BBQ from Lawler's).  I didn't even have to make the cake – my stepsister took care of that and made a nice piano cake!  I set out musical instruments for the kids to play with while my grandpa played the harmonica and my little brother played the guitar.  Even so, even with all the help, I'm not completely thrilled with these pictures.  I guess it's just hard for me to take pictures and do anything else at all, LOL.  
ChillingPlayingFrisbeeHazel & NanaKazooHazel & NanaHazel

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Healthy Lunch

Now that we are mostly settled in, Amos and I (mainly me, since I'm at home with Hazel right now) are working on getting her back into the daily routines we've set her whole life.  A major area for scheduling involves food.  We've been packing, moving, on the road, or on the go for weeks now, and Hazel's been exposed to a wider variety of weird food situations than ever before.  She's done very well, but I can see already a few areas of concern where she's been acting up; for example, at my mom's house, she wants to eat ALL the time except at mealtimes.  We don't allow constant snacking, but in the wake of all the upset moving caused, she's been trying to do these things she knows aren't allowed.  Today was really the first day she and I had a 'normal' lunch together.  I've decided to include the recipe/mention of it here for two reasons:  everyone is always surprised at how well she eats, in regards to both her table manners and the variety of food she likes, and also I have a lot of people ask me about how we make her food in particular, but also how we make it fit into our lifestyle.  Amos and I work on eating healthy, real food, so while we do have some food vices (cheeseburger Doritos, anyone?), we generally have a nice, varied diet.  I'm eager to get back to it, actually!  I like routines too – wonder where Hazel gets it from??  ;)

Today's lunch took about 20 minutes top to bottom, and that included prepping all the vegetables.  Normally I have onions and carrots chopped and stored in the fridge, but like I said we're not back into our normal routines just yet.  
Black Beans & Vegetables
1 can black beans, rinsed
2 carrots, peeled and chopped
1/2 onion, chopped 
~2 tsp. smoked paprika
1/2 c. chopped green beans
All of this was sauteed in some olive oil.  Yeah, that's all I did!  This was Hazel's version of lunch, with the green beans chopped up smaller.  For myself, I also added boiled green beans on top and about 1.5 tbsp of these organic TVP bacon bits we brought from Tom's.  The rest of the green beans from the bunch I bought were also boiled, and I put them in the fridge for tonight's dinner.  Splitting up food in that way, preparing ahead, makes healthy cooking (or any cooking that doesn't come from a box) quite a bit easier!  :)

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Wafflay Husen

Even More Random Pictures

These photos have no rhyme or reason.  They're just Hazel, eating crackers out of a bowl, watching Finding Nemo.  But because there are some Hazel addicts out there, I'm gonna post 'em!  :)

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This is for Nancy.

Hazel's St. Louis grandma requested some new photos to replace the creepy one of Hazel in the diner on Saturday, claiming that Hazel's computer eyes follow her all around her office.  These grandparents will do anything for some new Hazel footage!!  :D

So here you go!  These are all from Hazel's bath tonight; nothing really special, but definitely replaces the creepy diner stare!
And here are some pictures, all in black and white, since the bathroom light is a nasty yellowish-gross!  I love these pictures, even though they are grainy and kind of blurry, because one day they will remind me of the times when Hazel could never sit still, not even in the bathtub.  This is the Age of Movement for her, and for Amos and I too, as we chase after her from 6:20 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  I want to remember it like it was, because she changes so rapidly.
That one might be another contender in the "Creepy Hazel Stare" award, jeez.  At least she's not looking right at us, Nancy!!
Hey, this is a public blog!  :)

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What a Big Girl <3

Today Hazel shut herself up in our room about 12:45 p.m., which is about 15 minutes before her normal naptime.  We just decided to leave her in there, since she wasn't crying or anything, and seemed to be playing quietly.  After about half an hour we realized that it was completely quiet, so I snuck in to the room to take a picture of the first time Hazel put herself down for a nap.

Only after I got in there did I realize that she was having a fashion show in her bed before finally conking out.  She even put on her own shoes, on the right feet and everything.  It's just adorable!

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