Double Blegh

We are moving in five days.  We found out about that date two days ago.

I am sick.  AGAIN.

Those two things in combination have been sucking up all my time.  Luckily, I don’t have to pack us; Samsung’s movers are taking care of the packing & moving & some of the bigger unpacking (like putting beds together, that kind of thing – and that’s no little thing for those bunk beds).  It’s all very corporate (and maybe a little creepy, if I think about it too long, but I’m not).  This weekend will be spent doing the things we like here for the last time, cleaning out the fridge, and packing our unmentionables.

My mom came to visit us last weekend, which was a fun time amidst all this moving blah blah.  I got a couple of nice pictures of her and the girls (mainly Hazel, since she’s the more not-sleeping-in-the-stroller type).














Bye Mama!

My mama came up to visit last Thursday!  We had a great time doing what we do best – shopping, going out to eat, taking walks outside, watching movies.  Mama got to sample the new Indian place a couple doors down from us (delicious, heavenly godsend to Clinton) not once but twice!  The weather warmed up considerably while she was here, going from about 30 to the low 50s in just a few days.  We took advantage and strolled Hazel all over the neighborhood.  Of course, Hazel scored bigtime from Nana's visit; besides being picked up whenever she wanted and having all her toys available all the time, she got a new book, a playpen, some bath toys, and this other really cool wooden toy.  Thanks Nana & Papaw!

We were sad to see her go, but that's the catch about living up here.  We all had a great time, and it was a fantastic way to sort of kick start our springtime!

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Nana Left Yesterday

Meeting the Grandparents

As I mentioned before, Hazel got to meet her Grandma & Grandpa Confer last week!  I hope they had a fun visit; of course we didn't get out and about as much as we normally would, but we did go on a few adventures.  We took them around Utica, which took about 2 hours LOL, to a few bakeries, Italian places, Target (essential on any vacation), and out to Cazenovia, NY.  That little village is quickly becoming my favorite place to go around here.  We also took them to see our CSA farm, where I managed to snap a few photos of everyone together before they left.  Hazel was very well-behaved on all these trips, which was awesome.  I know we had a good time and I hope they did as well!

Here are just a couple of my favorite shots…the light was beautiful outside, and baby girl was in a good mood, so these are pretty cute!  Enjoy!

Grandparents, Amos, and HazelGrandparents and Hazel

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So things are both hectic and the same.

My mom's in town until Sunday, which is cool.  It's a great excuse to shop around, plus she's always up for an afternoon nap, which is a bonus.  I mean, who likes to nap alone??

The bad news came from the doctor yesterday.  Apparently I'm still in no-man's-land with this child, with a cervix more tight-lipped than an old lady at a pride parade.  That means I've made no progress, with the bonus of not being able to induce this week either!  The doctor told me that it looked like the inducement wouldn't work to open the cervix, it would just really hurt me, and that my chances of a c-section would be greatly increased because of the failed/sluggish inducement.  I spent all last week gearing myself up for the totally artificial, extra painful inducement, only to have that option snatched away as well.  As you might imagine I'm pretty upset about it, but what are you going to do, right?  

The plan now is to have an ultrasound this morning to check the amniotic fluid and make sure she's still doing ok, then wait it out until Monday afternoon.  At that point they administer a hormone to get the cervix into a more workable condition, and Tuesday morning they would start the pitocin drip.  At that point we've waited just about as long as possible, so even if things are in the same shape as now we wouldn't risk her staying in there any longer.  

Did I mention the ultrasound tech estimates her weight at 8 lbs 3 oz?!?!!  That's TWO POUNDS extra in just like 3 weeks!!  If she had come out last week she might have only been 7 lbs!!!

I'm not happy at all with how things are going, but I'm trying to stay kind of positive.  After all, she's healthy, and plus I apparently have the strongest-willed cervix this side of the Mississippi.

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The 32nd Week

Today was a good day for almost the entire time.  Amos and I both woke up early (I had a hard time getting to sleep last night for the first time in approximately 8 months!) and decided to hit up our farm early too.  We have a share in a community farm, meaning that back in March or something we paid a certain amount to this farm, and all during the 

growing season we get to pick up our "share" of the veggies once a week.  It's a really cool deal and works out to be way cheaper than grocery shopping every week for fresh, organic, pesticide-free vegetables, plus I kind of like the element of surprise in selection.  So anyway, we decided to head down there early and then take a picnic brunch to this lake we discovered down that way a couple of weeks ago.  We had a nice, relaxing time chilling lakeside, eating turkey sandwiches and vegetable chips, listening to the water.  It was surprisingly quiet considering its proximity to the road.  I was reminded of my grandparents' farm, and got a little homesick.

Later, in the afternoon, we had our first sewing lesson.  For my birthday this past May Amos bought us a sewing machine and signed the two of us up for a couple of lessons at our local fabric store.  Today we basically learned about our machine, the notions & tools that complement the sewing machine, and how to do a few basic stitches and a buttonhole.  It was only the two of us and one other girl close to our age, so we all communicated well and had the same types of questions.  I bought some "cheater" fabric – you know, the kind that is smocked at the top and has a print below, so all you have to do is measure off enough to go around your bust, make a seam all the way down, and you have a dress – for my first official, follow-all-the-rules project.  I'm going to practice making a long, straight seam, plus get a maternity/nursing dress out of it for $10.  Plus the fabric is pretty adorable.

Also, this week we're going to Cleveland!!  The only thing I love more than road trips are impromptu road trips, and since we just started talking about this on Thursday I'd say it counts as impromptu!  We are going to meet Amos's dad, brother, and sister (Nancy unfortunately can't come) in Cleveland for about four days.  I haven't visited the city, just flown or driven through, so this should be fun.  

Unfortunately the day stopped being awesome and fun after all that.  I'm not going into detail, but suffice it to say that I am glad to be getting away for a couple of days, to get rid of all the catty feelings and adopt a more laissez faire attitude.

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End of Travels and (almost) Work

So the fam is back in Bama today.  We took Momma and Josh to the airport this morning after eating sausage links and thick waffles at a diner close to the airport.  Despite the 40 degree temperatures and rainy, overcast, lame skies, we had a pretty good relaxing time.  We shopped, walked, ate out, and vegged out while watching movies.  Overall, good times, just more low-key than I'm used to.  I think that worked for them too though.  Can you tell that I'm still really tired, lol?  I feel exhausted!!

In other news, I am getting close to the end of my serving career at Nola's.  This weekend it's business as usual, since the college in our little village has graduation on Sunday.  Next week, however, I'll be working with someone everyday instead of being the only waitress, and the week after that I'll have two shifts a week max with two shifts as a hostess that will continue probably up until the baby is born.  Part of me is looking forward to the extra time.  I have a list of huge projects that I want to finish before she arrives, including chores like cleaning out closets and fun stuff like finishing up the felt book I'm making for her.   Also, lately my feet have had some pretty bad pains (real pains, not the typical aching and soreness that most people mean when they say foot pain) all the time, not just after work, so hopefully that will let up too.  On the other hand, I'm generally less happy when I'm not working.  Granted, I'll still be doing product photos, and housework, and all the other assorted little things I do, but I like to be busy.  Frantic, almost.  Honestly!  I suspect that my listlessness and purposelessness will fade somewhat after Hazel's here, just because my activity level will probably jump back up to "frantic."  I guess I'm just having some conflict over being a SAHM (really Work AHM, since I have always and will always do photos) that still needs some more exploration.

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Family Matters

My mom and little brother are coming to visit today!!  We're picking them up from the airport around 3.45 pm.  I cannot wait!  This is the first time he's been here at all, and it's been almost two years since my mom's been here, so we are going to have some major fun.  I'd type more but I have to get this place looking good — Amos did a lot of the heavy stuff while I was at work yesterday, but there are a few things that I still want to do before they get here.

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