Julia has been tentatively walking for a couple of weeks now, and I finally managed to get a little video of her taking some steps.  You’ll have to ignore the toys on the floor, the laundry on the coffee table, and the Dawson’s Creek on the television.  Side note – it’s intensely weird, watching something I LOVED and people I thought were HOT when I was 15.  They really only think about sex in the craziest of ways.

Anyway!  Baby steps!!


Help Me Help the Boobies!

I’m so excited about this project, y’all.

Last year I wanted to do this, but getting pregnant and being pukey all the time derailed that plan.  No more!  This October, I’m walking in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run with a team of some friends and my mom.  All the proceeds from the walk/run go to support diagnostic research at Huntsville Hospital, which is awesome because it’s both local and important to catch breast cancer early.  I’m so, so excited to have this goal!  It’s an exercise milestone that will help me in getting back to work after Julia’s born, and I’m also excited to be giving my time and support to help fight against breast cancer.

But raising funds…that’s the hard part, not walking a 5K.  So I had this brainstorm!

Freshly Picked Tomato Hat

Everyone always asks me about the things I knit for Hazel, but I usually don’t have time to make even the knit things I want, much less stuff for anyone else.  But I do now!  So I have opened an etsy shop called Rack Attack!!! All of the money I make from the store will go towards my team donation for the Ribbon Run.  I only have one listing so far, but I’ll be posting as I make more things for the shop!  Here’s Hazel modeling the Freshly Picked Tomato Hat.

Please tell your friends, think of me when you need a knitted gift or something fun for yourself, and help me help the breast cancer patients at Huntsville Hospital!


And it’s SOLD!  Thank you so much, Bonnie (oh yeah, I’m calling you out!).  You are awesome, and I’m so happy that you’re my first official donate-r (is that a word??) in my campaign to raise $$ for breast cancer!  THANK YOU!

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