Julia has been tentatively walking for a couple of weeks now, and I finally managed to get a little video of her taking some steps.  You’ll have to ignore the toys on the floor, the laundry on the coffee table, and the Dawson’s Creek on the television.  Side note – it’s intensely weird, watching something I LOVED and people I thought were HOT when I was 15.  They really only think about sex in the craziest of ways.

Anyway!  Baby steps!!


Snowless Sidewalks!

It's been warming up a little here (although a March snowfall isn't totally crazy), and so the sidewalks are gloriously free of snow!!!  While the green still has some snow piled up, we have been letting Hazel walk outside a little the past couple of days.  Yesterday I tried to take a new picture of her, and this classic Hazel expression is what I got 🙂

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Hazel has been saying (or attempting) a TON of new words, including the following:

    • bellybutton (she can point this out, too)
    • car
    • two
    • hello
    • Hazel
    • baby
    • Donna (her sitter's name)
She is so CUTE when she's trying to copy us.  Last night we were asking her questions which were all answered by "car," so it was really funny for us to hear her 'talking' with us.  Also, she has been showing a lot of interest in this baby doll that her Papaw (my stepdad) gave her.  This baby gets 88 time-outs a day, sits in the high chair, partakes of Hazel's graham crackers, and sleeps with her now (although cover-less; Hazel snatches the cover away from her every night and laughs like a maniac).
She is just growing so quickly now.  I thought, when she was smaller, that things happened too fast, but this is like light speed compared to those early months.  Seriously, I can't keep up!  
Oh, one more new thing!!  We live in an apartment at the top of a staircase, which we let Hazel crawl up and down when we are going somewhere (of course, with one of us behind her).  Yesterday Amos took Hazel to work with him (it's his Spring Break) where he worked with her on walking up and down the stairs holding his hand and the hand rail, and she was ecstatic apparently!  I can tell that she's thrilled when she successfully does something we do, and this is a big one.  :)

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A Walk in the Park

Here are two fun videos to start the week nicely.  The first I took right around Halloween, on the 27th I believe.  Hazel is so adorable. 

This one is a little older, maybe mid-October.  She's just happy when she wakes up from a good nap!  Enjoy!

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Outside Today

When I pick up Hazel on Mondays we always have about an hour to kill between then and when Amos is done at work.  We usually spend that time pacing outside at SUNY while I hold Hazel's hand…today, she was running and walking all over without me!  

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Some Bully

Amos is home from work today because it's Labor Day.  I'm enjoying my coffee, savoring it really, because Amos is taking care of Hazel.  I look up and see this waddling past my chair.

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I'll just get right to it – Hazel took her first steps yesterday!!  In an AT&T store, which just makes me feel like a big yuppie dork.  Amos and I went to Syracuse yesterday to replace our pretty old, battery-not-working, scratched-up cell phones with iphones.  Amos has a student who works there, and he was nice enough to cut us a deal, so we went all the way out there in a flurry yesterday afternoon.  The flurry part was my fault.  I just wanted to get it over with, plus we needed to go to the mall out there anyway (actually, turns out we didn't, but we didn't know that until we got there). While in AT&T, Hazel and I had a lot of time on our hands, so I took her out of the stroller & let her practice walking.  She just seemed like she wanted to run away from me, and since I had not had any garlic, beans, vinegary products that day, I thought she might be ready to try  walking on her own.  And she did!  She walked back and forth between the two of us.  She walks really fast, all leaned forward, and laughs the whole time.  Luckily this happened yesterday, because she's cutting another new tooth (#5 is completely out now) and was acting like someone coming off methadone.

Needless to say I did not get a photo, or video.  But we will soon, I'm sure.  For now, you can just take this photo as evidence that she was indeed alive yesterday.  (Oh, and we flipped her car seat around yesterday too, which I think she liked.)

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